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Special “The Week That Was” E-dition

week that was


Your Whistleblower Week in Review   

image006MONDAY (JANUARY 4), in our Special “Significant Birthdays” E-dition, The Blower said, “Inside every senior citizen is a young person wondering what the hell happened!”image004

In our “Campaign Controversy” E-dition, The Blower said, “He’s Promising To Cut The Head Off ISIS!”

In our “D-Word Update” E-dition, The Blower said, “No Wonder All The Other Letters Are Jealous! image006

In our “Conservative Comedy” E-dition, The Blower said, “DemocRATS Probably Won’t See The Humor!”

And in our Pummeling “Words Have Precise Meaning” E-dition, The Blower said, “Except When Spoken By Politicians!”image007image003

image006TUESDAY (JANUARY 5), in our Special “Birthday Buildup”/ Real E-Mails from Real Subscribers E-dition, The Blower said, “Statistics Show People Who Have The Most Live The Longest!”image008

         In our “War on Political Correctness Update” E-dition, The Blower said, “We’re Reverting to the Good Old BPC Days!”image009

In our Another “Political Postery” E-dition The Blower said, “We’re Adding Yet Another Dimension To Our Conservative Obama Bashing!”image010

In our “Obama’s Tears For Fears Speech,” E-dition, The Blower said, “He Only Referred To Himself 76 Times!”image012

And in our “Conservative Intel” E-dition, The Blower tried “To Neutralize Liberal Media Spin!”image013image003

image006WEDNESDAY (JANUARY 6), in our “Obama’s Image Abroad” E-dition, The Blower said, What Kind Of Reception Will He Get…”image014

In our “Presidential Preparedness” E-dition, The Blower asked, “Isn’t That Something The News Media Is Supposed To Do?”image015

In our “Dumbed Down DemocRATS” E-dition, The Blower said, “Featuring Those Afflicted With The Chronic Slow-Learner Gene!” 

In our “Marvelous Mockery” E-dition, The Blower said, “Obama’s Speech Was Ripe for Ridicule!”image016

And in our “Conservative Countdowns” E-dition, The Blower said, “We’re Trying To Keep Track Of All That’s Going On!”image018image003

image006THURSDAY (JANUARY 7), in our Extra “Political Postery” E-dition, The Blower said, “Because There Can Never Be Too Much Obama Bashing!”image020

In our “Birthday Bashing” E-dition, The Blower said, “Why Not Celebrate Every Day Like It’s Your Birthday?”image022

In our “Political Insight” E-dition, The Blower explained “The Trump Phenomenon With The Raccoons In Your Basement Analogy!”image023

And in our “Same Time In 2012” E-dition, The Blower said, “What a Difference Four Years Makes!” image025

And in our “Surprise Party Surprise” E-dition, The Blower said, “Not Everybody We Invited Showed Up!”image026image003

image006FRIDAY (JANUARY 8) in our Just Another “Guest Column” E-ditionwhile Ohio Republicans were watching all that 2016 Presidential Primary action in Iowa and New Hampshire because Ohio’s March 15 Presidential Primary seemed a long way off, and Political Insiders were wondering if Ohio Governor John Kasich would be included in next week’s Republican Candidates Debate in Charleston, South Carolina, because of his really low poll numbers, the Ohio Republican Party didn’t do their “Favorite Son” any favors this morning when the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee stupidly “ENDORSED” Kasich 44-9, while no other candidates were even considered. The Blower could hardly wait to see the bullshit press release with a quote from Chairman Matt Borges trying to make it sound like Kasich had actually won something.image027

In our “Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” E-dition, Featuring Prize-Winning Political Poetry Since 1990, everybody who says Liberal Media reports of all that infighting among members of the Grand Old Party is only a distraction from all those important issues facing our nation, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest. The winner was Card-carrying Conservative Gary Boldwater, who wonders if sucking up to the TEA Party would allow all those RINOs to keep their jobs in 2016. Gary wins a commemorative “Red” map of Ohio before Hamilton County turned “blue,” a “Save Us, Alex” bumper sticker, and a promise of a $50,000-per year job at 700 Walnut Street for his very own soon-to-be divorced spouse. image028

And in our Another “Conservative Cartoonery” E-dition, The Blower said, “We’re Putting the Right Slant on the News!” Untitled

In our “It Was Our ‘On To New Hampshire’ ” E-dition, The Blower said, “You Shouldn’t Take It For Granite!”image031

And in our “Elvis’ Birthday” E-dition, The Blower said, “Don’t Be Cruel!”image033

image006SATURDAY (JANUARY 9) in our “What’s Right With America” E-dition, The Blower featured: “More Real American Heroes!”image035

In our “Saturday Strategery” E-dition, The Blower reported “More Problems With Endorsements!”image037

In our “NFL Playoff Prediction,” The Blower asked, “Which Banner Will The Blower Most Likely Be Using Tomorrow?image039

In our “Seediest Kid Of All”  E-dition, The Blower said, “It’s Time For The 2016 Campaign!”image040

And in our “Patronage County Today” E-dition, The Blower said, “Welcome Back!”image042

If you missed any of these e-ditions, you now have a lot of catching up to do!

image005And to see where Beloved Whistleblower Charles Foster Kane came up with the idea for the weekly format the Whistleblower Newswire has been using for our “The Week That Was” E-dition every Sunday since the October 18, 2009 E-dition, CLICK HERE!