“Voting Early and Often” By James Jay Schifrin

image013          Early voting began on Tuesday for the May 6 Primary Elections in Patronage County, just like in every one of the 87 other counties in Ohio, and our three county commissioners watched the news coverage on TV of the people who had camped out all night waiting to be first in when the Board of Elections opened.

“I can remember when people were never allowed to vote early,” explained Commissioner Pilfer. “Things were certainly a whole lot easier back then.”

“Then they started letting people vote by Absentee Ballot,” said Commissioner Filch. “But at least you had to have a good reason.”

“Now anybody can vote early. Just show up at the Board of Election and they’ll hand you a ballot,” agreed Commissioner Swindle. “It starts 35 days prior to Election Day.”

“DemocRATS like early voting because they can make sure their dumbed-down voters get to the polls, and don’t forget to show up on Election Day,” explained Commissioner Filch.

“Republicans have to play the early voting game too, mainly because they’re afraid the DemocRATS will get ahead of them,” added Commissioner Pilfer.

“And elected officials like us like early voting best of all,” declared Commissioner Swindle, “because after we’ve made sure all our courthouse cronies have voted early, they won’t have an excuse not to volunteer to hand out our stuff at the polls.” 

image034This op-ed column never appeared at any time in the feisty Mt. Washington Press personally edited by eminently renowned publisher Dennis Nichols.