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  • Obama’s Clueless Center For Anything Except Disease Control doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing. Either that or they’re lying to you more than just plain incompetent. Judge Jeanine Pirro, From Saturday’s Opening Statement about Obama and CDC Fail on Ebola Containment  
  • Maybe the president has figured out how to infect ISIS terrorists with Ebola so he won’t have to make a decision about ground troops. —Bernie Goldberg, writing about The Midterm Elections and the Idiot Vote
  • image005There’s no reason to worry about catching Ebola just because an undetermined number of Hamilton County residents are getting monitored for symptoms of the Ebola virus because they had some contact with the Dallas nurse who contracted the illness and visited Ohio earlier this month. —Greater Cincinnati Panic Control Center
  • Maybe that’s why we chose Andrew Cormier’s: “Ebola then turns the insides of its host into jelly: you begin to vomit black junk which is basically your dissolved liver and internal organs.” —Your Quote for Today Committee
  • Obama himself told Dumbed Down Dems To Get “Cousin Pookie” Off The Couch And “Tell Him To Vote,” but wasn’t that Pookie the crack-smoking Pookie from “New Jack City” (played by Obamabot Chris Rock)? —Today’s Liberals Say the Stupidest Thing Award Committee
  • We’re now calling for a travel ban to prevent Obama from visiting our districts. —Doomed DemocRATS in Tight Races
  • What’s Ebola.All those Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Stuff Grabbing, Low-Information Obama Supporters Who Put Obama In The White House—Twice
  • image007How racist was that poll worker in Chicago on Monday when Obama cast his Early Vote, and the poll worker asked if he was the “Real Barack Obama?” —Obama Supporters in the Press
  • The smartest man in history appeared confused by the voting machine. It took six minutes to cast a simple ballot. —Washington Free Beacon (SEE THE VIDEO HERE)
  • Please tell your readers they could cut down on all those crappy political post cards in their mail boxes if they wouldn’t wait so long to mail in their Absentee Ballots. —Hamilton County Board of Elections Director Sherri Poland
  • “I hope nobody besides Republicans for Higher Taxes discovers that I used the word “retarded” as an insult at a recent forum.”  Jim Tarbell, the Write-In Candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner Who Will Probably Get More Votes than that Bozo Hamilton County Demo-Labor Party Boss Tim Burka Put On The Ballot
  • Could somebody please stop us before we endorse somebody else? —Skaggie Maggie’s All-Vagina Idiotorial Board at The Fishwrap
  • image009Is my fake Conservative Campaign fooling anybody when I put my yard signs in Republicans’ yards next to Republican candidates’ signs? —Liberal DemocRAT Charlie Luken
  • Can you imagine Charlie Luken OF ALL PEOPLE complaining about “Nepotism at the Courthouse?” —The Winkler Clan
  • Please don’t tell over-taxed payers in Anderson how much our so-called $103 million Tax Hike will really cost them. —Forrest Gump School District
  • I wonder if over taxed-payers know they can see how much all those feel good tax hikes will actually cost them on my web page —Hamilton County’s Disingenuous DemocRAT Double-Dipping County Auditor.
  • And please don’t ask if pro-levy folks will also be making phone calls for the Forrest Gump Schools’ $103 million tax levy that would really cost over-taxed payers more than $170 million tonight from the GOP Victory Center at our Get Out the Vote “calling party.” —Anderson Trustee Josh Gerth, Looking Less “Conservative” Every Day
  • image011And if that 32.5 year tax hike is supposed to be all about keeping the Anderson community strong with a strong and safe school system, what about all those families leaving Anderson because of the taxes?  More of our neighbors are moving across the county line to a comparable house because of taxes!  We lose good people each year because of this. Blower Babe Elizabeth Barber, Spokesperson for A Better Way for Forest Hills
  • image013Thanks to all that publicity in The Blower, sales of TV 9 Helicopter Guy Dan Carroll’s aerial picture of the Penis Painted on the Anderson Football Field are selling lots of copies at gay bars all over Greater Cincinnati. —Whistleblower Alternate Life Style Contributors Ben Dover and Phil McKrevis
  • Sunday afternoon at our Fall Get-together at the home of a former Clermont County Elected Official, Persons of Consequence were all talking about how a Turpin Sophomore we’ll call Muhammed was officially chosen Poster Boy for the Forrest Gump School’s HUMONGOUS $103 million Tax Hike after he painted a vile-and-disgusting penis on the Anderson football field before last weekend’s big annual Anderson-Turpin football game. —Survivors of Anderson’s Class of ’56
  • image015Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane was also wondering if October 2001 Playboy Playmate Stephanie Heinrich (shown here with Hugh Hefner who saw her naked many times) would be chosen to be a Poster Girl, too, by all those dirty old men in the Turpin Boosters. —A High-Ranking Former Official in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department Who Was Also A Survivor of Anderson’s Class of ’56  
  • PHONE SCAM ALERT: An individual claiming to be a Lieutenant with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office has been calling residents and former-residents of Hamilton County claiming they have missed court appearances and/or jury duty. The suspect then instructs the individuals to provide payment utilizing a moneypak to avoid the issuance of an arrest warrant. —Current Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil
  • image016Former President George W. Bush spoke to the UC Players and staffers before the Bearcats big 41-3 win against SMU in Texas on Saturday, while Obama called to congratulate the Bungals after Sunday’s historic loss on Sunday. —Whistleblower Senior Spoiled Sports Editor Andy Furball
  • Not all of my players got arrested for assault after the game. —UC Coach Tommy Tupperware
  • Have the Bungals been mathematically eliminated yet? —Your Sarcastic Sage
  • We won’t be able to GIVE tickets away for the next Bungals home game. —Cincinnati Scalpers, Going On Welfare
  • image017On this date in 1975, Boston Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk hit a homer off the left-field pole to beat the Cincinnati Reds in the sixth game of the World Series, that all the elite Eastern Liberals still call “The Greatest Baseball Game in History.” Typical Reds Fan Farley Fairweather says, “So what? In Game Seven, starting pitcher Bill Lee threw a slow looping curve which he called a “Leephus pitch” or “space ball” to Reds first baseman Tony Perez who hit the ball over the Green Monster and across the street and the Reds won the game and the series. —Hurley the Historian, Remembering Happier Times as a Sports Fan in Cincinnati
  • First, Alison Wondergams Grimes turned her back on America’s first black president. Then it was Michelle Nunn. And now, to complete the triumvirate of DemocRAT Party Racism: West Virginia senatorial candidate Natalie Tennant decided to be racist, too. —GOP Senate Minority Leader Bitch McConnell
  • image019Everybody can hardly wait for Former Pants Dropper in Chief Bill Clinton to come to Kentucky and campaign for Alison Wondergams Grimes today. Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo
  • When I said I was happy to “stump for Alison,” I wasn’t talking about my hideously deformed “Peyronie’s” penis. —Slick Willie
  • This is it – our final monthly goal of the campaign. —Alison Wondergams Grimes (e-mail received Monday at 9:48 AM)
  • Thanks for all of your wonderful support. Hugs! —Alison’s Grandmother (e-mail received Monday at 12:52 PM)
  • Donate $5 or more today to help make sure we have the resources we need to win this thing. With the race neck and neck, your support will be the difference between a win and a loss on November 4th. —Chris Carr, Alison’s Finance Director (e-mail received Monday at 3:18 PM)
  • Please explain one more time why we don’t have Early Voting in Kentucky like they do in Ohio? —“Trish the Dish” on Channel 19 News

image028Remember: We never print all the bad stuff we know and certain people ought to be damn glad we don’t, especially Politicians with Peyronie’s Disease, because some of our lady readers claim never to have seen such a thing.


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 Ebola Response Another Example Of Obama Not Running Competent Government

image027(Sent in by GOPICYMI (Whatever the hell that is) Published on Oct 19, 2014:  NYT’s Jonathan Martin: Ebola Response Another Example Of Obama Not Running Competent Government)

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