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Another “Conservative Campaign Tips” E-dition



Political Planning for 2016

image004One the first day of the New Year at the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were already asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about planning for their upcoming political campaigns.

image005image026“I’ve just been reading Grassroots Tips from Drew McKissick, about “List Building for Political Success,” Kane explained, “It says in most any serious political endeavor, one of the first things you (and those working with you) need to do is to start making lists.”

Even Political Activists who read The Blower five times a day won’t have much success without knowing who could help out and then making a real effort to get those people involved.

image026Remember, successful politics is all about organizing people. But McKissick says you need to know “who” to organize, “where” they are, “how” to get in touch with them, “what” they care about, and what resources they could bring to the table. 

That’s what lists are for.

image026image006Obviously, you need to look for people who think like you do. Who’s upset about the things that you are? If you’re running for office (or helping someone), who’d like to know who could support the campaign in any possible way? In election campaigns, this can also help identify the people needed to form an actual “campaign committee” that may be required in your state.

image026And with only 312 more days until Election Day on November 8, Political Insiders might do well to check out more of those Conservative Campaign Tips from McKissick HERE.image003image007