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Special “No Account Counter” E-dition



It Just Sits There And Doesn’t Count Anything

image004All week, Persons of Consequence have been e-mailing The Blower asking why the Whistleblower Newswire Trademark Counter at the lower right hand corner of the Web Page hasn’t been counting anything ever since Hillary Started Lying at last Sunday night’s Dumbed Down DemocRAT Debate.

Actually, our No-Account Counter got overloaded when Hillary told her 458th lie, and now that we finally got the darn thing fixed, we’re having a little trouble trying to decide what event to count down next, and everybody we know has a suggestion.

image005image005Of course, we could always count down the next 354 days until Inauguration Day 2017 when the nation can begin to undo all the damage Obama has done.

 image005But with only 10 more days until February 1, Hawkeye Bureau Chief Jan Michelson says we should be counting down until the first in the nation Iowa Caucuses.

image005With only 18 more days until February 8, Noted New Hampshire Political Reporter Manchester Tadwell says we should be counting down until the first actual primary elections in 2016 Presidential Primary Elections.

image005Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says the next Republican debate is in only six more days on January 28, so maybe The Blower could start off with that.

 image005Debbie Downer at the DemocRAT National Committee says her debate purposely isn’t until February 11, long after Iowans have their say, so we probably wouldn’t be interested in that.

 image005City Hall Slackers would like The Blower to count down George Carlin’s remaining “Seven Dirty Words” still unused by Mayor Cranley and members of City Clown-cil.

image005Hamilton County RINO Party Boss Alex T., Mall Cop GOP would like The Blower to count down until the next Ohio Elections Commission Meeting, so he can whine about how Colerain Township Trustee Greg Insco fraudulently claimed he’d been endorsed by the Party.

image005Clermont County Republicans have scheduled their February 3 vote to unendorsed Ohio Second District Podiatrist/ Congressman “Bronze Star Brad” Wenstrup which The Blower has been exclusively reporting, so Central Committee Chairman Howard Hines was sure we’d want to pick that date.

image005“TaxKiller Tom” Brinkman says Ohio incumbents with primary opponents might like The Blower to count down the next 53 days until the March 15 Primary.

image005New Anderson Township Trustee President Andrew Pappas wonders if 291 Days is too many to count down until the November 8 Elections when he ousts Disingenuous DemocRAT Hamilton County Commissioner Odd Todd Opportune.

image005And of course, Angry Andersonians are sure The Blower will continue to count each and every one of the remaining 1,383 days until the 2019 Elections, when residents can then begin to undo the damage after the last election, when long-time Anderson Township Trustee President “In Russ We Trust” Jackson was replaced by a Dishonest Disguised Obama Liberal DemocRAT who told a lot of lies about her opponent and successfully convinced a lot of dumbed-down voters that she was really “non-partisan,” with help from a disgraced former Trustee who’d been voted out after being arrested for “Public Masturbation.”

So what should we start counting next?
Send in your suggestions today.