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Special “Words Have Precise Meaning” E-dition



The Better To Fool You With

        image005 Our Garrulous Grammarian says one way you might guess you’ve been listening to a Politically Correct Person is when you hear that person use a lot of “Euphemisms.” What’s a “Euphemism?” According to Dictonary.com, it’s when you use a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.

Garrulous says the most common euphemism is probably “passed away,” which many people – including newscasters who obviously know better – use instead of “died.” Politicians always say they “misspoke” when they really “lied.” And Obama has always used “Euphemisms” to obscure his unpopular agenda.image003

Here Are Some Other Common Euphemisms You Often Hear In Politics

Arsenal of Weapons Gun Collection
Delicate Wetlands Swamp
Undocumented Worker Illegal Alien
Cruelty-Free Materials Synthetic Fiber
Assault and Battery Attitude Adjustment
Heavily Armed Well-protected
Narrow-minded Righteous
Taxes or Your Fair Share Coerced Theft
Commonsense Gun Control Gun Confiscation Plot
Illegal Hazardous Explosives Fireworks or Stump Removal
Non-viable Tissue Mass Unborn Baby
Equal Access to Opportunity Socialism
Multicultural Community High Crime Area
Fairness or Social Progress Marxism
Upper Class or “The Rich” Self-Employed
Progressive, Change Big Government Scheme
Homeless or Disadvantaged Bums or Welfare & Leeches
Sniper Rifle Deer Rifle with scope
Investment For the Future Higher Taxes
Healthcare Reform Socialized Medicine
Extremist, Judgmental, or Hater Conservative
Truants Homeschoolers
Victim or Oppressed Criminal or Lazy Good-For-Nothing
High Capacity Magazine Standard Capacity Magazine
Religious Zealot Attends Church
Fair Trade Coffee Overpriced Yuppie Coffee
Exploiters or “The Rich” Employed or Land Owner
The Gun Lobby NRA Members
Assault Weapon Semi-Automatic handgun
Fiscal Stimulus New Taxes and Higher Taxes
Same Sex Marriage Legalized Perversion
Mandated Eco-Friendly Lighting Chinese Mercury-Laden Light Bulbs
Accepted Fact Horse shit


If you hear any more, please let us know.image018image008