Special “D-Word Update” E-dition



Brought to You By The Letter “D” 

          image005Recently in our “Devolving Democracy” E-dition, we said it was just like “Dumbing Down.” Often we’ve told you Obama’s Third Term Re-Election Plan is to “Divide, Distract, and Deceive.” Maybe that’s why whenever The Blower uses the word “DemocRAT,” it’s usually preceded by another “D-Word,” for alliteration (a literary effect achieved by consecutive words that begin with the same consonant, in case all you SCPS graduates were absent that day).  

And today, with Hillary and the Defeatable DemocRATS trying to come up with a winning slogan for the November 2016 Elections in only 309 more days, here are a few other D-words that come to mind when the Official Voice of the Conservative Agenda thinks about Obama and the DemocRATS. Look them up in your Funken Wagnalls if you don’t know what they mean:

Dishonest, dildo, dalliance, dastardly, dazed, debacle, debased, debauchery, decadent, defective, defensive, deficient, defect, deflect, deflower, deformed, defraud, degenerate, degrade, deign, delete, deleterious, derelict, delinquent, demagogue, demean, demented, demerit, demolish, demonic, demoralize, demote, demount, denounce, depend, deplete, deplorable, depose, depraved, depressing, deprive, derail, deride, derogatory, descent, desecrate, desert, desecrate, desensitize, desire, desperate, despicable, deteriorate, detest, detract, devalue, devastate, deviate, devoid, devour, diabolic, diaphragm, diatribe, dictate, diddle, digress, dilatory, dim, diminish, dimwitted, dire, dirty, dis, disappointment, disapproval, disarray, disaster, disbar, disbelieve, disclaim, disclose, discombobulate, discomfort, discommend, discompose, disconnect, disconsolate, discord, discourage, discourteous, discrepancy, discreditable, disease, disenchant, disestablish, dysfunction, disgrace, disgruntle, disguise, disgust, dishonest, disillusion, disingenuous, disloyal, dismal, dismay, disorderly, disorganized, disparity, displace, dispute, disquiet, disrepair, disrespect, disrepute, disrobe, disrupt, dis-satisfactory, disseminate, dissent, disservice, dissident, distain, distasteful, distress, distort, disturbed, disunite, dither, divert, divisive, document, dodge, doleful, DNA, donation, double-dealing, double-crossing, double-faced, doubt, douche, downcast, downfall, downgrade, downhill, dredge, dreg, dress, dribble, drool, dumb-ass, duplicity, duress, and, of course, dickhead.

Obviously, this isn’t a complete list. If you think of any we’ve missed, please let us know.

image036Remember: We never print all the bad stuff we know and certain people ought to be damn glad we don’t, especially Hamilton County Demo-Labor Party Boss Tim Burka, who remember when he said, “Whiny Progressives like Ryan Messer and his Stupid Streetcar Suck-ups claim they want to control the DemocRAT Party, but only I can control The Republicans.” image008image003image001