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Black Lives Don’t Matter to #Black Lives Matter

Because the nation is already celebrating the three-day Martin Luther King Weekend, at today’s meeting of The Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about all those really stupid racial protests you’ll probably still be seeing in the Divided States of America during the Dark Ages of Obama during the next 371 days, unless we get lucky and he gets impeached.

        image006 Remember on Christmas Eve when The Blower commented on the fact that only four Pathetic Protesters Trying to Get Themselves on TV had been arrested following a demonstration at a Walmart store in Beavercreek that closed the store for four hours on the Saturday before Christmas? We explained that if the incident or misconduct occurred on private property, police must yield to the owner or manager of the property to determine what action should be taken.  For example, police could not arbitrarily charge someone with trespassing unless the owner or agent of the property agreed to prosecute for same and in most cases, the owner or agent actually signs the warrant.

         Assuming this was a “die in” to protest the officer involved shooting at the store, the police had to have a complaint from the store management and agreement to prosecute before initiating any arrests for disrupting the store’s business.  Police do this to protect themselves from the owner or agent changing his mind when it becomes necessary to testify in court.

         image004Public property must be controlled by government officials when a crime or rule violation occurs. And the reason these Stupid #Black Lives Matter Protests continue is because government officials are not willing to complain and prosecute. During the Age of Obama, nobody wants to be called “Racist” for publicly objecting to Blacks Behaving Badly.

But maybe law enforcement agencies around the country should be prepared for another onslaught of those ridiculous #Black Lives Matter Protests, if the Justice Department is now really taking the final steps towards closing the politically charged investigation into the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri and clearing the white police officer involved of civil rights charges. Word is Federal prosecutors have begun work on a legal memo recommending no civil rights charges against the officer, Darren Wilson, which would close the case (that never should’ve been opened in the first place) in the death of 18-year-old Black Thug Michael Brown, and the investigation by the F.B.I., which is complete, found no a smidgen of evidence to support the charges against the officer.

Let the Riots Begin. Now for your viewing pleasure, we have a video of a convenience store being justifiably robbed by 180 Poor Misunderstood Yoofs at the Dellwood Market in Ferguson. Kinda looks like RATS deserting the ship in reverse.


Now Let’s Meet Today’s Guest Editor:

           Chosen for his understanding of crowd control, it’s not former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, it’s not former Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher, it’s not even Patronage County Sheriff Buford Flogg, it’s “The Captain” from “Cool Hand Luke,” who truly understands what the problem is, which is simply a “Failure to Communicate.”

          That’s why The Blower, which takes pride law enforcement officials, is pleased to allow “The Captain” to be our Conservative Agenda Guest Editor and choose three Stupid Black Racial Protest items plus a Stupid Black Racial Protest Quickie from Weasel Zippers for today’s E-dition from our Current Cadre of Conservative Columnists and Plagiarizing Contributors.

image029#BlackLivesMatter Lunatics Shut Down #MLK Prayer Event At Black College, Black Organizers Call Police To Throw Them Out

image008 image029#ReclaimMLK Protestors Interrupt King Parade In Atlanta


MLK’s Dream of being judged on the content of your character and not the color of your skin has died.

image029Top Dems Including Al Franken, Keith Ellison, Amy Klobuchar Attend “Die-In” Protest At MLK Day Event…


And MLK was spinning in his grave.

image029AND A QUICKIE from Uncle Tom

Al Sharpton Pulls Out Of Oxford Debate Where He Agreed To Argue America Is “Institutionally Racist”…


Breitbart reported this Friday, the Oxford Union in London will hold a debate about race relations in the United States. PMSNBC host Al Sharpton accepted an invitation to the event, but after confirming he would be one of the participants to propose the motion that the United States is “institutionally racist,” he did an about face, shocking his esteemed hosts. 

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Cincinnati Clown-cil Man Stupid Street Car Six Member PJ Sitt-n-spin, who said at his fake media event announcing his wet dream senate run that if he had a son he would be “gay-er” than Rob “Fighting for Gay Marriage” Portman’s? Also overheard, but unconfirmed, at the PJ event was a promise to promise something to everyone possible and be so inclusive that he would even discriminate against himself.

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image018This week, here’s why the first 17,648 Whistleblower Web Poll respondents said Obama is still failing as he begins his sixth year in office:
(A) Weak on Foreign Policy: 2%
(B) Domestic Initiatives Going Nowhere: 1%
(C) Economy’s still in the Crapper: 3%
(D) Not Enough Speeches on TV: 94%

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Which Black Lives Matter?

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