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More Losers In Life’s Lottery

image004This morning at The Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane why whenever Powerball jackpots get high (like now), all that media hype increases. “Of course,” Kane explained, “People who normally don’t play start buying tickets. It drives up the jackpot even higher. Then eventually someone wins. Then we all can go on with our lives.”

Kane also detailed how Lotteries prey on the poor.

1) Most lottery tickets are bought in poor neighborhoods. People in wealthy neighborhoods don’t buy lottery tickets — at least not for the daily games.

2) Most lottery tickets are bought in places with more minorities. Nationwide, Black People spend five times more on lottery tickets than White People.

3) Powerball isn’t the problem. It’s the smaller games, because a much more economically diverse population plays the Powerball versus the daily games — especially when the jackpots are higher.

4) A lot of people in financial trouble think it’s the only way to accumulate money. Winning the lottery seems nearly impossible, perhaps people should try playing things like netent casino bonus games to see if they have more luck winning money rewards on mobile games like these.

In short, the lottery preys on vulnerable people. Like those New Jersey restaurant employees who were “heartbroken” last week after learning their winning Powerball ticket was outdated.

“So why do states allow their poorest residents to do this to themselves?” asked one of the Insiders. “Isn’t it oblivious?” Kane asked. The states are all getting their share.”image007