Special “Not a State of the Union Address” E-dition



Like You’re Going To Hear For His Final 373 Days

image004Yesterday, The Blower borrowed a phrase to predict the “nauseating spectacle” that would be Obama’s Thankfully Final State of DisUnion Address, we could’ve also predicted some of the negative reviews from those 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates.

image004GOP front-runner Donald Trump panned the speech on Twitter as “really boring, slow, lethargic – very hard to watch.”

image004Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also tweeted his responses during the speech, bashing Obama for not taking foreign police threats, including from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and North Korea, seriously.

image004Texas Senator Ted Cruz said Obama’s performance was “less of a state of the union than a state of denial,” because Obama refused to say the words “radical Islamic terror,” or mention the ongoing situation with Iran, especially after earlier on Tuesday, Iran seized two Navy vessels and 10 sailors who reportedly were found on Iranian waters. 

image004Florida Senator Marco Rubio called the past seven years “disastrous.”

image004Ben Carson called Obama’s remarks “the perfect example of why we must reform Washington DC and give the power back to We the People.”

image004Former Hewlett Packard executive Carly Fiorina framed Obama’s speech as “politics as usual.”

image004Kentucky Senator Rand Paul attacked the president in a YouTube video as a “leader with a record of failure in search of any meaningful positive legacy,” adding that he’d be the only candidate who could stop the “unholy alliance between the left and right.”

image004Meanwhile, Ohio Governor John Kasich mumbled something about Obama’s administration as the failure of “on-the-job training.”

image004Noted South Carolina Political Reporter Gamecock Tadwell says, “Hopefully we’ll hear something a little more exciting at tomorrow night’s Rowdy Republican Presidential Candidates Debate in Charleston, South Carolina.”

Meanwhile, this Morning’s “Official DemocRAT Talking Points Memo” claimed:

image004Obama delivered a dazzling display of moral and political leadership during his final State Of The Union address.

image004Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley delivered a Stepford wife like performance as she unsuccessfully sold the Republican agenda of racism and tax cuts for the wealthy.

image004Obama dropped an eight megaton bomb of reality on Republican claims that America is in decline during the State Of The Union.

image004Obama never mentioned Donald Trump by name, but he destroyed the basis for the GOP front runner’s 2016 campaign with one paragraph in his State Of The Union.

image004And the country’s most infamous county clerk Kim Davis was hosted at last night’s State of the Union by none other than Republican Ohio Jim Jordan.

image004Now you can see where our Kneepad Liberals in the Press get all their information.

All of which means, Obama’s so-called “Call for Unity” came far too late. Seven years into the most partisan presidency in history, the Worst President in American History used his final State of the DisUnion address to say the nation now needs to end its partisan ways and restore “trust” between citizens. What a crock of crap that was!image010

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