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Could Expectations Actually Be Any Lower?

image005This afternoon at the Afternoon Agenda, Political Insiders were continuing to get ready for Obama’s Thankfully Last State of DisUnion Speech tomorrow night, with particular interest being shown to some of the material in this morning’s “SOTUS Prep” E-dition about George W. Bush’s final State of the Union Address in 2008. You can review that again HERE.

“But shouldn’t we really be looking at The Blower’s coverage of Obama’s FIRST State of DisUnion Address in 2009?” asked Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane. “Then you could compare that with all those lies he tells tomorrow night about what he claims he’s accomplished during the past seven years of the Worst Presidency in United States History.”image003

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama’s Messianic Message

image006Wednesday’s front-page headline in the Fishwrap said it all: “We will recover,” Obama declares. But The Blower thinks it would’ve been nice if the Media’s Messiah had explained “how and when.” Obama’s speech shed gave not a single clue about how his administration would stabilize the economy. No wonder award-winning photo Illustrator Artis Conception says he feels so secure all of a sudden.image010

image006Obama’s proxy State-of-the-Union Address was certainly rousing. The rhetoric soared and the oratory resonated.  But one of these days Obama’s oratories are going to collide with reality, which was surely lacking Wednesday night, as historian Sean Wilentz asked, when is he going to lay out a specific vision for America’s future?  No wonder people were playing ObamaSpeak Bingo during the speech.

image006Scoring Obama’s speech, Newt Gingrich said for those of us planning on keeping track of the big government, big spending proposals in Obama’s first address to Congress, here’s the key: Start with $3.6 trillion and go from there. $3.6 trillion is the total amount of new debt that Washington politicians have made over-taxed payers responsible for thanks to the Bush-Obama big spending, big government, big politician approach to fixing the economy. Add up all the Bush and Obama spending and stimulus bills of the last year, plus the interest on the debt that they create and that’s (conservatively) what you come up with. $3.6 trillion. That’s real money, even in Washington.

image006On the other hand, our oft-kicked in the shins political pundit William F. Wisniewski enjoyed Obama’s rock star rhetoric. American Idol has nuffin’ on that guy! It was truly soaring. But, the Wizzer is extremely concerned that after the implementation of BHO’s end-of capitalism programs, the already-at-more-than-$10,000,000,000,000 (yes, that is TEN TRILLION) NATIONAL DEBT will be soaring as well. You see, Wisniewski is pretty convinced that the average American doesn’t even remotely understand the difference between the annual budget deficit and the national debt. So, they are being completely snowed by empty promises. Can Obama cut the annual budget deficit in half? Yes he can. That is of course after he runs it up over a trillion dollars in debt this year! So, at the end of his term he promises to only be layering another $500,000,000,000 of economy-stifling waste on top of the national debt. That is FOREVER! And they wanted this guy’s autograph?!

 image006No wonder our Quote for Today Committee chose Obama’s: “We cannot and will not sustain deficits like these without end. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom in Washington these past few years, we cannot simply spend as we please and defer the consequences to the next budget, the next administration or the next generation.” Translation: Get ready for a HUGE tax hike.

 image006Harry the Cable Guy couldn’t help but laugh about the front page headlines in most of today’s lap-dancing lib newspapers. A great example is the “WAR IS OVER” type-sized screamer on the cover of USELESS TODAY. It trumpeted Obama’s truly inspiring words, “WE WILL RECOVER.” Harry equates the significance of that headline to one that might say “SUN WILL COME UP TOMORROW.” Of course the American economy will recover. It always has. The real question is how much longer it will take after the White House and Congress loads the economy down with a myriad of nonsensical federal programs and give-a-ways and a shitload of tax hikes.

image006Our Ornery Obama Observer writes that while Conservatives in America like him have to accept the very real fact that the libs now control the White House and both houses of Congress, the right doesn’t have to just be quiet, at least until free speech is totally taken away. The ornery one was more than a little put off while making the mistake of watching Morning Blow on MSNBC this morning. Along with the expected mega-dose of Obasms, Washington Post economic reporter Stephen Pearlman suggested that what America lacks today is “good followers”. Excuse me? Didn’t 63-plus million blind followers just elect a hard-left socialist President based only on the vapid promises of HOPE and CHANGE. You know, I am sure Benito Mussolini and his fascist black shirts had the same program back in 1920s Italy.

image006We now have a new economics reporter in The Blower as well. We’d like to welcome J. Walter “Bruce” Lee from the Kato Institute. Mr. Lee advises us not to panic just because overnight polls show a huge boost in support for Obama’s socialist programs. Listening to President Obama’s speech Tuesday night had the same effect on the masses that would have occurred had each of them had a massive bowel movement in their pants. At first, there is a very warm feeling. But that feeling quickly turns to the realization that the whole thing really, really, really stinks.

image006No wonder some people are wondering if it was possible for somebody who’s not a “Person of Consequence” to get on the Whistleblower’s e-mail list.

image006Ken CamBoo wrote The Blower to ask if he has his facts straight or not, Ken said as he sees it President George W. Bush fought a great war against his enemy in Iraq but conceded defeat to his enemies in Washington and capitulated with them in spending billions of dollars on unneeded programs. In his last months in office he agreed to a $700 Billion stimulus package that allowed people to catch up on some of their credit card debt but did nothing for the economy. He then allowed the bankers and the Wall Street people to talk him and Congress into $400 billion more, and before he left office, he agreed to let Obama blame him for giving them another $300 Billion. Obama has been spending $36 Billion a day since he took office, and he is still trying to blame that spending on Bush.

image006Ken said this debt is now Obama’s and the American public knows it, we have a community organizer as President who is in way over his head.

image006So what was the RINO reaction to Obama’s “historic” speech? Mean Jean got an autograph from the guy who’s going to raise taxes on her constituents. She was even quoted as saying, “I was particularly proud of President Obama’s message of hope for our economy.” That followed Tuesday when she said, “Just because my husband’s parent company got 50 Billion Bailout bucks that I voted to approve didn’t mean I had a conflict of interest.” And yesterday, we learned she paid for Cincinnati’s Dainty DemocRAT Mayor Mark Mallory to fly back to DC to see Obama’s dog-and-pony show. So how many people are planning to run against That Lying Plagiarizing Meddling Overblown Tax-and-Spend RINO Bitch-in-a-Ditch anyhow?

image006Then Mean Jean became even more obnoxious, when she tried to suck up to Joe Biden and get his autograph.image011

image006And if you think Mean Jean’s fanatical autograph-hounding was idiotic, you should’ve seen Senile CBS Anchor Bob Schieffer going gaga over “all those people” seeking a president’s autograph at the State-of-the-Union Address for “the first time ever.” And even Katie Couric, as in the Obama Bag as she is, had to correct Old Bob, saying, “No, they always do that.”

image006In Clermont County, according to the Fishwrap blog, one of Mean Jean’s constituents (Mike Budzynski of Loveland) requested $100 million to build a “120-foot solid gold statue” of President Obama in the middle of the city, which he called “Obama d’Or.” “This way everyone can bow down to the great savior and realize that that without him and government our lives would have no meaning,” Budzynski wrote. “I want to make it in gold because I want to show that government spending has no bounds and all of our prayers for free jobs safe from layoff, 0 percent home loans, free gas, and free medical care for every person on Earth, have finally been answered.”

 image006Hurley the Historian says on this date in 1929 President Coolidge established Grand Teton National Park. Doesn’t “Grand Teton” mean “large teat-ons” in French?

image006image012At yesterday’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane told political insiders to ignore the pundits. Forget all that analysis. At noon on Wednesday, the Barack Market had plunged even further. That’s all you need to know.image003

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