Another “Those Were The Good Old Days” E-dition



image004Edition #72 (published on October 15, 1991) of the original printed edition of The Whistleblower (not the Newswire) was delivered to Persons of Consequence all over town. It was our “Not Guilty Of Sexual Harassment” Edition, and our REALLY BIG STORY was all about Cincinnati Post Columnist David Wecker’s sexual harassment complaints. Our TOP TEN LIST listed was the top ten things Teddy Kennedy wished he’d asked Anita Hill at the Senate Judiciary Hearing. Enquirer “Tip Off Columnist” Jim Knippenberg said blondes were being harassed, too. And at UC, our favorite Poll-Checker Alan Tuchfarber said WCPO-TV’s tax increase poll was a scam.image006

PAGE TWO featured another REAL EDITORIAL BY PUBLISHER CHARLES FOSTER KANE talking about the mugging of Clarence Thomas at the Senate Judiciary Hearing. REAL FACTS told about a Pornography Alert. There was an ad for the WEBN Marijuana Festival. We received a “Dorkgram” from Tyrone Yates on Cincinnati City Council. And Cincinnati Public Schools were shellacked in the WEEKLY WHISTLEBLOWER LIMERICK CONTEST.image008

PAGE THREE featured CHEAP SHOTS taken at Marge Schott, Jim DeBrosse, and Judge Nadine Allen for that note somebody said she sent to Judge Keefe asking him to go easy on a convicted drug deal friend of the family. There was the customary promo for Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane’s appearance on a local radio talk show, and Bunky Tadwell told us all about a new policy to deal with sexual harassment at Tadwell Enterprises in ANOTHER GUEST EDITORIAL.image010

PAGE FOUR featured the REAL LETTERS FROM REAL SUBSCRIBERS, and during all those years, not a single one of those people has ever called to complain that their letter might not have been real. In ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT, we reported about some suburban shenanigans. WHISTLEBLOWER WISDOM was all about the finger-pointing over the new Hamilton County jail in Camp Washington.image012

PAGE FIVE featured Ken Camboo’s BLUEGRASS HOLLER, reporting on Union Light Heat & Power’s 18% rate increase. Boone County Judge Executive Bruce Ferguson got an award from some bra-burning feminists. And all three northern Kentucky Counties were cooperating on waste disposal. Northern Kentucky Bureau Chief J. R. Hatfield’s “The Sun Still Shines Bright” column covered Jeff Ruby’s threat to move his Waterfront Restaurant out of town. In CAMPAIGN TIDBITS, Covington Mayor Denny Bowman was running hard, even though he didn’t have an opponent, and Jesse Groper was our United Appall Person of the Week.image014

And PAGE SIX included HOTLINE HANG-UPS, with some of the anonymous calls we received last week on the Whistleblower Hotline. And right before those FAKE CLASSIFIED ADS, and Whistleblower Gossip Columnist Linda Libel said with all the flack over those sexual harassment charges at the Senate Judiciary Hearings, there were some guys hereabouts she wouldn’t mind sexually harassing, if only given half a chance. You should see those names.image016

This was one of our best all time e-ditions.
That’s why we say “Those were the good old days.”
You can download that entire edition HERE.image003 image006