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More “Chaos On Campus” E-dition

Trump’s 830th Day In Office

Three Pillars of Leftist Propaganda Are The Media, Academia, and the DemocRAT National Committee

Today’s Top Whistleblower Campus Video

Students Shocked By Footage Of Joe Biden Touching Women

— Today’s Top Stories From Campus Reform —

Prof On Free Speech ‘ShiTlords’: ‘Fire Them’ And ‘Hound Them From Restaurants’

‘SMOKE BOMB’ Disrupts Pro-Life Speaker At UT Austin

Prof With History Of Anti-White Comments Now Says ‘Whiteness Is Terrorism’

More Current Crap On Campus From The College Fix —

Bias  Legal  Sexual Assault
Christian College Branded Student A Rapist By Hiding Evidence From Him, Appeals Court Rules

Free Speech  Higher Ed  Bubble Racial Issues 
College Presidents Say Public Doesn’t Understand How Affordable College Is

Abortion/Pro-Life  Activism 
Berkeley Protester Seizes Pro-Life Display And Throws It Off A Bridge

Racial Issues  Technology 
Clemson University Continues Push For Racial Quotas In Stem Fields 

Free Speech  Politics  Racial Issues 
Prof Who Compared MAGA Hats To KKK Robes Says ‘Bigots’ Should Not Get Campus ‘Platforms’

Higher Education  Legal  Racial Issues 
He Called Security On A Black Professor. Now, He Says, His School Won’t Let Him Talk To Students.

Abortion/Pro-Life   Feminism   Politics 
Should There Be Any Restrictions On Abortion? Women’s Studies Professors Won’t Say

Racial Issues  Religion  White Privilege 
Keynote Speaker At Harvard Diversity Conference Says Christians Should Be ‘Locked Up’

Abortion/Pro-Life  Legal  Politics 
Pro-Life Activists: California Bill May Have Students ‘Paying For Their Classmates’ Abortions’

If Couples Acted Like They Do On Facebook

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The Blower believes we’re still living during the most important period in American History for our non-stop campaign against Political Correctness, the Devolution of American Culture.

That’s because Mid-Term Elections were a National Election, a referendum on everything Trump has accomplished, and Congress, the Deep State, the Radical Media Establishment will continue to lie and say really stupid things without a smidgen of journalistic integrity in their effort to advance their Radical Leftist Agenda.

Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane Says The Conservative Agenda Is Now Completing Working On Donald Trump’s Eighth 100 Days To Make America Great Again. Today Is Day Number 830. There Are Now Only 552 More Days Until Trump’s Re-election Day on November 3, 2020.