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Official “Tax Freedom Day Analysis” E-dition

Trump’s 810th Day In Office
But At Least The Trumpster Has It Moving In The Right Direction

This Morning At The CONSERVATIVE AGENDA Political Insiders were wondering why they hadn’t seen any news coverage of The Blower’s official announcement that the Tax Foundation’s proclamation that Tax Freedom Day 2019 would occur next week on April 16.

“That will be a significant date for over-taxed payers and lawmakers,” Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane explained, “because it represents how long Americans as a whole will have to work this year to pay the nation’s tax burden.” Now wonder it’s our “Favorite Day” in April.

“Most significantly,” Kane pointed out, “Tax Freedom Day on April 16 in 2019 will be THREE DAYS EARLIER than it was on April 19 in 2018, due in large part to the recent federal tax law, Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which significantly lowered federal individual and corporate income taxes. Maybe we didn’t see any news coverage of Tax Freedom Day 2018 because the Destroy-Trump Media Mob didn’t want to give The Trumpster the slightest bit of credit for improving the Economy.”

“Even more significantly,” Kane added, “Tax Freedom Day on April 19 in 2018 was FOUR DAYS EARLIER than it had been on April 23 in 2017, when we also didn’t see any news coverage of Tax Freedom Day 2018 because the Hate-Trump Media Mob didn’t want to give The President even a scintilla of credit for improving the Economy, from the time the Trumpster had taken over the Economy.”

“Wouldn’t THREE DAYS EARLIER in 2019 and FOUR DAYS EARLIER in 2018 mean it was now taking Americans a week’s worth of days less to pay the nation’s TAX BURDEN since The Trumpster took office?” asked Hurley the Historian.

“Can you imagine what you’d see on the front page of The Fishwrap if anything like that had happened during the Obama Administration?” Kane chuckled.

More Taxing News Later