“Memorial Day Weekend Marathon” E-dition

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SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2022


Disrespecting Our Flag Is An Insult To America

Some of you possibly don’t remember the ice bucket challenge. It was fun, it brought awareness to the cause and it raised a whole bunch of money for the ALS Association. Then the next year at this time, there was a new sick challenge called the American Flag Challenge.

Instead of getting freezing water dumped on you, this challenge had you disrespecting the American flag by dancing on it, stomping on it or just walking all over it. To The Blower, this was vile and disgusting and made a mockery of our country, our veterans, our citizens and the freedom that it represents.

image006image007Oh, OK, we do understand free speech but we also have seen some of the consequences of exercising that right especially in front of veterans who have defended this country or family members of those that lost their lives doing the same. The freedoms that this country was built on just keep disappearing with no end in sight, at least during the  Age of Obama. We’re not sure if patriotism is even being taught anymore. During a parade when the American flag passes by many guys don’t even remove their hats. Maybe they don’t know they’re supposed to. You can bet that the veterans and their families know what to do. Instead, today we have to be sure that we are not insensitive to the many cultures and beliefs that over the years have come to the forefront. You can see for yourself the result that this is having on our country and its citizens.

image006Monday is Memorial Day, a day to remember those that died while serving in the Armed Forces. It is not to be confused with Veterans Day, which recognizes all that have ever served. There are many from this area that lost their lives while they were called to duty to defend our country. Those who served are also one of the reasons that we are still a free country.

image006Many of us have family and friends that we will remember this Memorial Day that put it all on the line. They may have been drafted or signed up to serve our country. In any event they did it and we should be very grateful for the sacrifice that they made. Their job was to defend this country and the flag that represents freedom. As this new challenge continued to gain momentum and the flag continued to be disrespected I would say this to those that have accepted this challenge – maybe instead of doing the moonwalk on our flag you should take a walk through one of the many cemeteries and have a look at the markers that show the names of those whose lives have been lost in defense of our freedom.

image006This is not something to laugh or dance about. It is a time to reflect on what each of them did and went through for us. We salute each and every one of those brave men and women for their service and we pray for those that are currently serving to keep us free.

image006Perhaps in closing it would do our hearts good this Memorial Day to listen to Lee Greenwood’s song, God Bless the USA.