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Special “Andersonian Apocalypse Update” E-dition

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2020
On Trump’s 1257th Day In Office

Tonight viewers watched the pilot for our new reality series on Apocalypse TV.

Opened with a frowning, stern PATTI TAYLOR lecture on something or other. Viewers probably wanted to hide.

Followed by a vicious LESLIE RASMUSSEN attacking Taylor. One of those high school girl fights where one girl gets the advantage and doesn’t let up. Screaming, scratching, slapping, punching, pulling hair.
What a great first impression for our viewers.
BIGGEST JOKE: Letter from former board members displayed on the broadcast. Pompously competing for who has the largest signature. Their puny letter almost obscured. Sanctimoniously stated they wished they had done more while on the board. But NOW they claim to be in favor of retiring the Anderson mascot. MR. FROOMAN and MR. SMITH were among them.

Like anyone really cares what they think. All those disgraced ex-board members had chances to make a decision. Some had multiple chances. None did it. Afraid of the consequences. Now they feel “safe.” A person needs to be safe when they don’t have a spine.

MR. HEIS showed his spots gloating about real estate property. In this discussion? He’s still on a high for what the over-taxed payers’ money funneled to his Wilson and Turpin schools did for his property value.

Heard several times the district has no money. Never heard a thank you for the tax increase which is already being wasted and then some. They should have had plenty of money. COVID excuses not allowed.

Ended with Rasmussen trying to apologize for her early behavior. Probably had a million texts from her embarrassed family and friends. True to character, it was a failed apology. Used emotion over the issue as an excuse. Like the devil made her do it. Made no indication she would not do it again. Completely ignored her relentless personal debasement of a fellow board member. Emotional intelligence score: 0.
Oh. MS. BARBER mumbled something about the Turpin mascot. Plot teaser no doubt.

BEST TV SHOW OF THE NIGHT. Action, personality, absurdity, stupidity, social commentary, finance. Sell commercials for the next one. Might make a dent in the deficit. Tune in again Thursday. In the 4 pm time slot. Ratings must not have been that great. Got kicked out of prime time. Must know somebody though. Forest Hills is a 3 am time slot school district and The Forest Hills Five were definitely not ready for prime time.