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Fraud is the Only Issue”

Says Steve Feinstein

From a straight political standpoint, things are not going well for the Democrats. It’s difficult to cite a time in post-World War II America when so many things on so many fronts went this badly this quickly, and the voting public knows it’s their fault:
• Inflation at 40-year highs and spiking energy prices
• Out of control illegal immigration, being encouraged by Democrats to bolster liberal voting rolls
• Weakened military, with an inexplicable emphasis on woke social issues instead of combat readiness
• Crime running rampant, with many big-city DA’s refusing to prosecute the offenders
• Woke policies and wildly disproportionate attention on gender and diversity issues eroding the once-dependable foundation of American society
These Democrat policies have tangibly and dramatically degraded the quality of daily life in America, to the point where many people are starting to doubt that things will ever return to normal.

The Democrats are giving it their best shot to divert attention from their failures and gin up feigned outrage over nonexistent Trump-caused national transgressions, but the public isn’t buying it. No January 6th investigation, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (“DEI”) efforts by schools and woke companies, Green initiatives, etc. are resonating with the voting public. A recent Pew Research poll of Black Americans — historically one of the most reliable Democrat voting blocs — reveals that crime and economic issues are their top concerns, with diversity/culture near the bottom of their list. The January 6th matter and the environment? They didn’t even make the cut; they weren’t even mentioned. —
American voters are most concerned with traditional kitchen table issues — the job market, runaway inflation, crime/safety, energy availability and affordability, schools/education, and illegal immigration and the strain it puts on the affected communities. This is what voters care about.
The degree to which the current Democrat administration has botched all of this up is really stunning, especially since under President Trump all of these issues were essentially the best they’d ever been post-World War II.

All of the foregoing points to a 2022 mid-term disaster for the Democrats, a wipeout, an historic “red wave” that may be the biggest in history. Thirty Democrat Congresspeople are not running for re-election, surmising, no doubt, that their chances for victory are close to zero.
With no actual accomplishments to point to, having ruined everything that was running so well for the American people, Democrats are turning to what has become their most effective electoral tool in recent years: Fraud.
They did a magnificent job of perpetrating a total fraud on the country in the 2020 Presidential election. We all know what they did and what they got away with. Late night Democrat vote “discoveries” totaling in the thousands, untraceable interstate trucks delivering thousands of Biden ballots, voting locales reporting over 100% voter turnout, 19 of 20 bellwether counties being won by President Trump, Republicans not being allowed to monitor the vote counting process, state voting rules being changed in direct contravention to state law, and on and on. And this point needs to be re-emphasized: Just because the liberal media refuses to acknowledge these facts, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

The big question is what have the Republicans done to ensure that this degree of election-stealing fraud doesn’t happen again?
Unfortunately, it seems Republicans have done essentially nothing truly significant to stop Democrat vote fraud. There are statements from Republicans that they will be more vigilant while observing the voting process and the collection of ballots. Many Republican quarters have said they will be on the lookout for mystery trucks arriving at the polling station at 1:00 a.m. or for boxes of faked ballots being taken from their hiding places under cloth-draped tables after Republican poll workers have been kicked out.

This is all good, but the really major drivers of Democrat vote fraud still appear to be in place:
• Widespread distribution of mail-in ballots to addressees who don’t exist, have died or no longer live at that address
• Voting machines subject to manipulation from many sources, connected to the Internet despite repeated denials
• Voter drop boxes that can be tampered with and the votes changed
• Ballot harvesting in nursing homes, retirement communities and the like by Democrat operatives
• State laws having been illegally changed to allow vote counting to continue days after the election
• Early voting, even as much as a full 30 days before the election
• Automatic voter registration by state DMVs upon issuing a driver’s license, revealing the true intent behind the Democrats’ push for licenses for illegal immigrants
• No nationwide voter ID. Somehow, Democrats are fine with everyone having a Covid vaccination card, but not a voter ID.
As evidenced by their recent attempt to get Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene off the ballot, Democrats will stop at nothing to twist the 2022 mid-terms to their favor. They will flog irrelevant issues in an attempt to try to hoodwink some swing voters. They will use underhanded, unethical stunts and baseless character assassinations to keep strong Republicans off the ballot. They will push to cultivate more Democrat voters by any means whatsoever, whether those voters are qualified to vote or not. And for all these methods, the liberal mainstream media provides cover and legitimacy for the Democrats as they pull their illegitimate stunts.
Time is running out for Republicans to clean up the fraud mess to the point that the mid-terms will be acceptably accurate, with only a small, absorbable amount of fraud. There always will be some Democrat fraud. There are too many structural issues intrinsic to the election process for there not to be some Democrat fraud. But outside of a few good-sounding, suitably outraged public statements by a few high-ranking Republicans, nothing much of a tangible, concrete nature appears to have been done to stop the Democrats from stealing yet another election.
If the Democrats pull this one off (even if that just means reducing the expected loss of Congressional seats from the 45-65 range down to the 10-25 seat range), then the days of this country having reliable constitutional, voter-determined elections are over. For good.