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Special “Voter Enthusiasm” E-dition



Character Still Don’t Mean Crap

                Pundits are perplexed: How can all those Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Stuff Grabbing, Low-Information Obama Supporters Who Put The Positively Worst President In History In The White House—Twice, And Had Planned To Give Obama A Third Term By Voting For “Crooked Hillary,” And Get All Of Their “Fake News” From Our Local Obama Supporters In The Press, Like The Ones At The Fishwrap, and on Channels 5, 9, 12, and 19, say “character” matters when we just saw the difference between the way Trump greeted the Emperor of Japan and that embarrassing picture of groveler-in-chief Obama bowing submissively in 2009.  

image009Analysts are amazed: How can anybody believe “leadership” is vital when so many overpaid incumbents are running unopposed? 

image009Critics are confused: How can We the Over-Taxed Payers vote for feel-good tax levies without knowing how much they’ll actually cost, especially after seeing nothing but lies promoting school tax hike scams while some Disingenuous DemocRAT in the county auditor’s office keeps jacking up your property values? Why the local GOP always lets him run unopposed is beyond us!

image009Remember when “Beanball Jim” Bunning called Bill Clinton the most corrupt, amoral, and despicable president he’d ever seen? We can only wonder what the old Beanballer has to say about “Crooked Hillary” this year.

 image006image009With The Whistleblower’s help, this year’s campaigns seem a lot nastier than ever. Last-minute mudslinging and dirty tricks were the order of the day. Every candidate claimed he or she had a poll that said they were way ahead. Some Disguised DemocRATS won’t even admit which political party they’re representing. A record amount of money is being spent to get these bozos elected and issues passed. And nobody’s quite sure where all this fat cat cash is coming from. We’re surprised there aren’t more lawsuits and complaints to the Elections Commission, for whatever good that would do. Still, the Ghost of Richard Nixon says all of these people are giving politics a bad name.

image009Do you remember a couple of years ago when The Fishwrap seemed genuinely surprised that the biggest donors to tax levy campaigns were those organizations seeking the levies and companies benefiting from contracts with those organizations. Well, duh! How is that any different from the people and groups to donate to candidates? 

image009And why do so many politicians who claimed term limits were a great idea before they were first elected, still plan to keep voting themselves pay raises and perks until the day they die.

image009Maybe this year, Voters with no children in school will wise up and check the Auditor’s Web Site to see how much the latest School Tax Hike Scam will be costing them, along with the amount of School Taxes they’re already paying before they vote on Tuesday, since Anti-Taxers in Cincinnati don’t seem to be doing a very good job getting the word out this year.

image009image007Historically, Kneepad Liberals in the Press always allow Liberals to play the race card against Conservatives and publish last-minute hit pieces in cahoots with campaigns they’re in league with a few days before an election and lavish free undeserved publicity on candidates they support. The press and our so-called business leaders still won’t accept responsibility for the part their politically correct pandering has played in causing our moral abyss. This nation now has the kind of government it truly deserves for the same reason The Blower said the former Pants-dropper-in-Chief was first elected, in our Nov. 4, 1992, edition.

image008We asked: “How else could you explain how average Americans, 95% of whom learn everything they know about politics by watching lying TV campaign ads and daily distortions on local and national television newscasts presented by the liberal media, 89% of whom voted for Slick, would prefer to send to the White House, a shameless, tax-evading, draft-dodging, dope-smoking, pants-dropping, wife-cheating liar who will surely drag the nation down to the level of Arkansas?”

Then we answered: “Except that all those shameless tax-evaders, draft-dodgers, dope-smokers, pants-dropping wife-cheaters, and liars want people in office just like themselves.”

And you must admit: Slick is still keeping his end of the bargain, and Disgraceful DemocRATS and their willing accomplices in the liberal press are still doing their best to keep his legacy alive while the media covers up all those Clinton Scandals these days.

image009Ever since the elections in 2000, it’s been non-stop Bush-bashing for DemocRATS and their willing accomplices in the news media. For eight years of the Obama administration, they were all still blaming Bush for every one of Obama’s mistakes (except now they are all afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome).

image009image009Is it any wonder that during this election cycle, The Whistleblower Truth Squad has been busier than ever exposing all of those candidates’ false claims and outright lies that members of the mainstream news media have been too lazy, too stupid, or too dishonest to report? Why else have these JINOs (Journalists in Name Only) been aiding and abetting the Liberal Agenda? For the most part we’ve successfully ignored the claptrap coming from all those bloggers in their basements trying to convince each other they have something important to say.

image009Finally, before tomorrow, Real Republicans should be joining DemocRATS and Independents demanding that the Ohio Secretary of State supervises elections in each of Ohio’s eighty-eight counties. During the past several elections we’ve heard about massive voting irregularities. At least tomorrow, Early Voter Fraud for 2017 will be over, and Election Day Voter Fraud will be in play.



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