Daily Archives: November 5, 2017

Special “Surviving Shooting Attacks” E-dition



Because Not Knowing What To Do Can Get You Killed

image004One of the saddest symptoms of the Devolution of American Culture we continue to experience from the Legacy of Obama is all of that Violence.

image004Lunatic Liberals will now demand Gun Control, blame Trump and Republicans, while mocking people praying. For many, “Thoughts and Prayers” will never be enough.

image004It’s was a good thing HERO Johnnie Langendorff was there to fire back at the Sutherland Springs Shooter!

image004It won’t be long before every politician in American begins to exploit today’s Texas Tragedy and every media outlet tries to make the most of another Mass Shooting, just to sell more advertising.

image004The Blower, however, which never accepts advertising, would like to offer something a little more practical on today’s mass murder anniversary, and now that we hopefully have somebody’s attention, perhaps somebody else in the news media could follow The Blower’s lead and actually try to educate the public on ways to survive an Active Shooter Event, like showing scared citizens a video like this one created by the City of Houston.     


And if that doesn’t get your attention, we don’t know what will.image011image012