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Special “Tuesday’s Triumphs” E-dition

Tonight’s Media Bias

The Conservative Agenda always knew we would be facing extremely difficult odds “draining the swamp,” but it’s really shocking how deep the swamp is and how many forces are arrayed against President Trump. Consider this: CNN, ABC, NBC, ABC, the NYT, the Washington Post (and similar publications) have descended to the level of total #FakeNews, simply making things up about Trump or exaggerating them entirely out of proportion.

Here Are A Few Of Today’s Examples From the Media Research Center

Nets Bury Gorsuch Hearing, Confounded by Lack of Dirt and Fireworks 

Matthews Goes Bonkers, Demands GOP Confirm Garland or Else, Not Gorsuch

Reporter Goes Where Liberal Media Won’t, Asks Spicer About MD Rape by Illegal Immigrant

Boom! GOP Congressman Schools MSNBC on Partisan, Anti-Trump Press

Brian Williams Hopes Gorsuch Becomes Liberal on the Bench

Giddy CNN Swoons Democrats Are Giving ‘Testier’ Gorsuch ‘A Run for His Money’

Cuomo Asks If Trump Could Be ‘Toxic to His Own Government’

MSNBC Frets Democrats Haven’t ‘Laid a Glove’ on Gorsuch

Perplexed Totenberg: Gorsuch ‘Respected,’ Yet Seems ‘Very Conservative’

Fake News at USA Today: Will Trump ‘Kill’ ‘Beloved Big Bird?’

GMA Gushes Over ‘Moving’ Story of Mother, Son, Bonding Over Changing Genders

Cuomo ‘Surprised Democrats Didn’t Jump on Comey’

WashPost Insinuates PBS Budget Was Cut Because ‘Sesame Street’ Mocked Trump

Nets ‘Overshadow’ Gorsuch Hearing with Four Times More on Comey’s

Blackout: ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC Ignore Gorsuch Hearing, Opening Statement

And Don’t Forget All Those Left-Wing Political Cartoons
(There’s Nothing Fair-And-Balanced About Any Of These)

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Finally, Here’s What Judge Gorsuch Said He Would Want In His Obituary…

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