Special “Disingenuous DemocRAT Convention Update” E-dition


TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016

Some Things Appeared To Be Missing
This morning at the Conservative Agenda breakfast at the Disingenuous DemocRAT National Convention in Philadelphia, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane why the word “ISIS” was never spoken by any of the 61 Disingenuous DemocRAT Convention speakers on the same day a priest was beheaded in France by ISIS. Some of the other words not spoken Monday night were “Islamic,” “terror,” “terrorist,” and “terrorism.” Obviously, words like that wouldn’t have been of any great interest to our free-stuff loving delegates.

image008image005That story seems to check out. According to Politifact, no Disingenuous DemocRAT speaker mentioned ISIS on convention’s first night, and Republican nominee Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, seized on the issue during a campaign event Tuesday morning. “It’s extraordinary to think that yesterday in Philadelphia, 61 speakers came to the podium and not one of them named ISIS by name,” he said. “Donald Trump will name our enemies without apology and he will defeat them.”

image008However, reports that there were no American flags permitted at the Disingenuous DemocRAT National Convention on Monday was more troubling, especially after several right-wing web sites promoted that misleading claim.

image008Snopes.com says this story actually began after “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” posted a photograph purportedly showing the Palestinian flag on display in the audience during the opening day of the 2016 DemocRAT National Convention (DNC), along with the claim that American flags had been banned at the event because they were “offensive to so many DemocRATS”:


image008Several other right-wing web sites Snopes calls “purveyors of misinformation,” such as The Gateway Pundit, Barenaked Islam, and The Daily Caller published articles reporting that no American flags were present at the DNC. And in an attempt to further illustrate their point, the Daily Caller presented an image contrasting of Kristen Gillibrand speaking at the DNC with Donald Trump speaking at the Republican National Convention (RNC):image008

image008Snopes says this image was deliberately misleading, since the staging of both the RNC and the DNC employed large digital displays as backdrops for their speakers. (For instance, the U.S. flags on view behind Donald Trump in the image above were digital renditions and not physical flags.)

image008Snopes also says it was also false to state or imply that the DNC banned the display of American flag at their event, as numerous convention-goers were photographed holding flags or wearing flag-based gear on Day 1 of the convention.image009

Isn’t It Sad When Conservative Media Outlets Turn Out To Be As Dishonest As Our Lying Liberals?image003 image005