Special “Veterans Day Evening” E-dition

image003TODAY IS


image004With A Stop At Walgreens For Some Much-Needed Beano

Mess Call was 1800 this evening for members of the Anderson Veterans Society of all races, creeds, and sexual orientations on the Eighth Annual Veterans Day Grub Crawl.

image005The Breakfast Brigade began at 0530 outside Ohio Second District Congressman’s “Bronze Star Brad” Wenstrup’s Office located at 7954 PFC James Miller IV and Staff Sergeant Richard T. Pummill Memorial Highway (aka Beechmont Avenue), so Anderson Veterans could visit every one of the 487 area restaurants in Anderson and the surrounding tri-state areas offering Free Food for Veterans on Veterans Day 2022: Bob Evans (Hotcakes, brioche French toast, and the country biscuit breakfast), IHOP (Red, White & Blue Pancakes, which come with glazed strawberries (red), blueberry compote (blue), and whipped cream (white), Denny’s (Build Your Own Grand Slam®), and White Castle (Breakfast Combo).


Mess Call was 1200 for this afternoon’s Grub Crawl Tour with many more area restaurants offering free food for Veterans, with a quick stop at Great Clips to pick up coupons for Free Haircuts for Veterans that have to be used before the end of the year.


image006Dinner on tonight’s Eighth Annual Veterans Day Grub Crawl included complimentary appetizers at both Carrabba’s Italian Grill and Red Lobster; a special entrée on the house at Hooters, if you know what we mean; a free Blooming Onion appetizer and beverage at the Outback Steakhouse; and for a really special dessert, we couldn’t go home without some of that Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake at Cracker Barrel, that we planned to save for a midnight snack.  Meanwhile, that ever-popular special sit-down dinner, free of charge at Golden Corral is scheduled for Monday night.

image005Two years ago, because of Governor DeWhine’s restrictions, Anderson Veterans were not able to pig out on Veterans Day at the Patriot Center, 6660 Clough Pike, where the Anderson Township Veterans Memorial Committee had provided a complimentary dinner, cash bar and live entertainment. Dinner tonight was again provided by Belterra and Desserts were once again been donated by Mt. Washington Care Center.


Tonight’s veterans dinner again featured a Missing Man Table, also known as the Fallen Comrade Table, which is a semi-official place of honor in some dining facilities of the US armed forces in memory of fallen, missing in action, or prisoner of war military service-members.  That table serves as the focal point of ceremonial remembrance, originally growing out of US concern of the Vietnam War POW/MIAs.


Local Veterans remember the highlight of the 2019 dinner was an after-dinner visit by a quartet of very funny headliners from The Veterans of Comedy— that group of military veterans and veteran comedians who chose to represent and support talented veterans who desire to share their gifts with the world. Their stated mission was to use laughter as a tool to create and foster bonds between Veterans and their communities. They partnered with organizations and groups that provided resources and education to transitioning Vets. Through performances at military institutions, comedy clubs, casinos, and theaters worldwide, they have been able to demonstrate the power of laughter as a method for coping and connecting.

image005And speaking of jokes, Unamused Andersonian Veterans couldn’t stop wondering about all those newly Conservative Forest Hills School Board Members who knew how to practice the proper patriotic posture during the Pledge of Allegiance were AWOL from tonight’s patriotic event to join Andy Pappas and his posse made up of almost all of the Anderson Trustees serving the complimentary buffet dinner and bussing tables afterward. How unforgivable was that! Such is the case with too many unschooled elected officials these days who think all they have to do for effective constituent communications is to post a few more crappy pictures like this on Facebook.

We also remember when Turpin Grad Dan Varner And His Group gave a fantastic benefit concert for the Veterans at the Patriot Center. You wouldn’t believe how many country music fans were in the audience who knew all the words to the songs. 

image005image009SPEAKING OF PATRIOTIC: : Veterans at tonight’s Veterans Day Dinner at the Patriot Center were so impressed reading all those hand-written thank-you notes from those cute little Maddux elementary school fourth-graders. Wouldn’t it be funny if organizers wanted to see if some of the high school honor students at Anderson and Turpin could show how much they’ve learned during their years of political brainwashing in the Woke Forrest Hills District School System?

A Turpin Sophomore wrote: “Thank you for your service to our country. I always think of you when I look at a burning flag. Happy veteran’s day.” —Sincerely, Melissa

An Anderson Junior wrote: “Thank you for serving our country. We are thankful for your service. Thanks for being brave especially if you are a girl with a penis. Happy Veterans Day. —Your Friend, Zack”

And our Turpin Valedictorian wrote” Thank you for your service to this country. I have freedom because of you. You made a commitment to let people be free and be able to rig an election. I thank you for your service.” —Sincerely, Grace

94-year-old A.J. Hammond, the oldest veteran in attendance, said, “Grace will go far. She really knows how to suck up.”

Note: the reason all of these hand-written letters were printed is that cursive is longer taught in the Forrest Hills School District, where dumbed-down voters approved that humongous $103 million Tax Hike Scam (that will really cost $170 million on top of the thousands of dollars in school taxes property owners were already paying).

Not enough low-information voters figured out how much that year’s Tax Hike Scam would be costing them. Didn’t any of them look at his property tax bill to see how much they were already paying for school taxes? You’d think there’d be no way we’d see so many stupid voters.

image005AT LAST NIGHT’S CONSERVATIVE AGENDA AFTER PARTY AT OUTBACK (GIVING AWAY FREE BLOOMIN’ ONIONS ON VETERANS DAY), Political Insiders were asking Charles Foster Kane about his personal patriotic message on Veterans Day. No, it wasn’t just by driving the bus after the Ninth Annual Veterans Day Grub Crawl to get it washed at Covington Car Wash after Anderson Veterans visited every one of the 487 area restaurants offering Free Food for Veterans.

but our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher tried to send a patriotic message to the anti-Trumpers and Downhearted D-RATS with Trump Derangement Syndrome by hanging a large American flag above his driveway. Others Kane wanted to send a patriotic message to included rustlers, cutthroats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, half-wits, dim-wits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, horn-swagglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank-robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers, and Methodists.”  

FINALLY, Many of our local veterans were really surprised when our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane introduced his very special friend at tonight’s Ninth Annual Veterans Day Grub Crawl. “We didn’t know Kane knew really important people like Phil Holt from Hyde Park,” said Anderson Township Fiscal Officer Ken Just one More Budweiser) Dietz, “Maybe that’s why somebody said they thought they saw Steve Chabot sitting alone at a empty Anderson’s Raptor Stadium, mumbling, ‘Am I too late for the Trump Rally? “ 

REMEMBER: If you can’t improve on the news, you shouldn’t even be reporting it.