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Celebrating Trump’s Winning 2016 Campaign (73 More Days)

(Celebrating Trump’s Winning 2016 Campaign And Comparing The Blower’s 2016 Coverage With Actual Current Events)
“BAD NEWS FOR HILLARY” (dealing with the Clinton Foundation Controversy) and
“BAD NEWS FOR TRUMP” (Hillary’s lying ad accusing Trump of being a White Supremacist”).

Now Let’s Review Local Political Junkie We Called “Cincy Dave’s” Coverage
At This Point In 2016, There Were Only 73 More Days Until The Day That Will Live In Infamy For Crooked Hillary’s Supporters, Many Of Whom Have Still Not Recovered.



Today’s Good News And Bad News

From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”



Bruce Plante Cartoon: Hillary's HealthRepublicans are really angry about the State Department’s delay in releasing Hillary’s daily schedules, because they want to get started digging through them looking for dirt.  Amazingly, the State Department says they can’t get this done before the end of December.  What they probably mean is that they are foot-dragging.   We think they should be more specific, like saying they will get it done by Nov. 9.   


This is all related to the Clinton Foundation controversy, which the so-called liberal media is helping to build up just as much as Fox News is.  In the likely event that the Clintons did nothing wrong in operating the Foundation, it will still be investigated to the ends of the earth image028and cost taxpayers a ton of money to find out very little.  Put this one on the long list of Clinton investigations including Whitewater, Travelgate, FBI-gate, Vince Foster’s suicide, Benghazi, Hillary emails, and more that were a big waste of time and money.    There is probably no person on earth that has been investigated more than Hillary.  They’ve been looking for that smoking gun for 25 years now, and so-far have come up empty, although they did discover that the Big Dog likes women – a lot.  We could have told them that before Billary was ever elected in the first place and saved a few hundred million, not to mention a lot of congressional time.  Here is a brief summary of the subjects of some of the Clinton investigations, although it leaves out the fact that many of these were investigated multiple image021times; in the case of Benghazi, it was eight times.  



Clinton ad ties trump to white supremacists: Over the last few months, the so-called “alt-right” has become one of the most prominent factions of the conservative media. The movement’s leading outlet is Breitbart News, whose chairman, Stephen Bannon, has just become the CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In many ways the “alt-right” is a rebranding of classic white nationalism for the 21st century. As BuzzFeed described the movement: “In short, it’s white supremacy perfectly tailored for our times: a image034racist rhetoric combined with a tinge of Silicon Valley–flavored philosophizing, all riding on the coattails of the Trump boom.”The “alt-right” opposes diversity and immigration, arguing that those policies are a form of “white genocide.” It embraces racism, sexism, anti-Muslim bigotry, and anti-Semitism and sees its goal as usurping the traditional conservative movement, which it views as feckless and weak, in favor of a brand of nationalism.  With the ascension of Trump, the “alt-right’s” chosen candidate, as the nominee of the Republican Party, and the Breitbart guy as his manager, its mission is all but accomplished.

Yesterday, Hillary picked up the endorsement of the Teamsters union when their executive board voted unanimously to support Hillary Clinton. The President of the Union, James P. image033Hoffa is the son of the famous Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared in the early 70s, presumably the victim of organized crime. Other major unions, including the AFL-CIO and SEIU, have already endorsed Clinton. Trump’s support seems to come from blue-collar workers, but maybe they are mostly non-union, or don’t agree with their leaders. The Teamsters endorsement is important because, besides being one of the largest unions it has often favored Republican candidates in the past, going all the way back to the 1960 election, when they supported Richard Nixon. Nixon later returned the favor after he became president by pardoning Jimmy Hoffa, who had been convicted of crimes by the Kennedy Justice Department.

Doctor admits that the letter on Trump health image035was written in 5 minutes.  The ridiculous and unprofessional sounding letter claiming that Trump is the ‘healthiest person ever elected president’ was hastily written in response to a last-minute demand from the Trump campaign, admits Trump’s personal physician, Doctor Harold Bornstein, Yesterday, Dr. Bornstein backed down a bit, saying, “I don’t think he’s in any better or worse (shape) than the average person that goes and exercises every single day, Doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink — and that’s simply the best advantage you can have to live — and he’s got a good family history.” Note – there is no evidence that Trump exercises every day, other than his vocal cords. Also, there is no evidence that Hillary is unhealthy, in spite of a huge effort by opponents to say that she is. It is amusing that one of the main proponents of image026the idea that Hillary is on death’s door is a guy with a huge unexplained growth on his forehead – Rudy Giuliani.

This is an interesting article about Hillary’s time as student body president of Wellesley. It paints a picture of her as a non-confrontational, hard working and effective president, who was well-liked. It also claims that she is still well-liked by current Senators on the other side of the aisle, in spite of what they say in public. We will likely find out whether she can do as well in the majors as she did in the minors. Maybe there is some small hope for a better government but it’s hard to see how that would happen when anyone from the opposition that works with her will be branded as a RINO and primaried to extinction. [MORE] 

This one looks a lot more accurate than the Florida Poll a couple of days ago that showed Hillary with a 14 point lead.image004

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