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Another “School Daze” E-dition

Trump’s 942nd Day In Office
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As kids return to school this week, we’ll continue our dumbing-down process for 2016. Fools in Schools


Did you ever wonder why some folks are willing to wait in long lines for Voucher Schools? —Common Core Opponents


image006And we’ll keep telling you how much we really, really care about education. —Elected Officials Running for Re-election on November 5, in only “77” more days)


image006Obama, Crooked Hillary, and Mad Maxine still want to raise your taxes to hire more teachers and administrators. That way, corrupt teachers unions would have more money to donate to us. —Despicable D-RATS


image006I’ve been meaning to ask my Education Secretary Lady if we’ve gotten rid of that Common Core thing yet. —Donald Trump


image006All of our historical statues in our township are safe. —Anderson Trustee Andy Pappas


image006Please stop asking us how much our so-called Anderson building projects are really costing. —Forrest Gump School Board 

image006Most GOP voters say Trump will never make the media happy. As far as most Republicans and Trump supporters are concerned, their guy will never get a break from Leftists in the Demo-news-media—Whistleblower Pollster Ron Rasmussen

image006Would you say Obama’s vision of a post-racial America looks even more distant than before? —Cynical Sid


image006Is hate speech protected under the Constitution? In a word, yes. Judge Andrew Napolitano


image006Isn’t it amazing how with Black unemployment the lowest in history, Trump’s support in the Black Community has now doubled, except for me? —Omarose Onee Manigault Newman, often known only as Omarosa

image006Please don’t mention that time I got booed off the stage in Ferguson after asking protesters for money. —Race Baiter #2 Jesse Jackson

 image006I said we’re not looters, we’re liberators of other people’s stuff. —Race Baiter # 1 Al Sharpton 

image006I was so proud that time to honor Al Sharpton at the Council on American Islamic Relations’ Annual Banquet. Erlanger, KY’s National CAIR Board Chair Roula Allouch  

image006image016Please don’t remind people how I took complete credit for Cincinnati’s Historic Collaborative Agreement, which I publicly deserted after a single year, especially since I was using our local media to pitch myself as a savior when I was sucking up to Race-baiter # 1 Al Sharpton in Ferguson. —Reverend Demon Lynchmob

image006Wouldn’t it be funny if Amy Brewer became mayor of MILF-ord again and changed her name to Amy Vilardo?  She has never used her married name ever before tonight. Maybe she hopes nobody will remember her scandal. —Whistleblower Senior Gossip Columnist Linda Libel 

image006Will The Blower be letting us know about the next MAGA Rally? I need to know so I can plan  on getting a good seat again.—”Mean Jean” Schmidt, Still Stalking

image006There is never any racial tension in the Great White North at the Western Southern Tennis Matches, except that time when Serena Williams won. —Hamilton County Prosecutor “Jaywalking Joe” Deters, Sometimes Seen on ESPN Sitting in John Barrett’s Box

image006Attorney Scott Greenwood has been cited for his work in First Amendment Law for over 20 years, ever since the legendary KKK Fountain Square case in ’93, whiich BTW got him an invite to join the Whistleblower Legal Dream. —Best Lawyers In America Committee

image006On Sunday’s date in 1920, the Women’s Suffrage Constitutional Amendment was ratified, and America has been suffering ever since. —Hurley the Historian   

image006That’s why we chose Mark Twain’s: “Women, go your ways! Seek not to beguile us of our imperial privileges. Content yourself with your little feminine trifles — your babies, your benevolent societies and your knitting–and let your natural bosses do the voting. Stand back — you will be wanting to go to war next. We will let you teach school as much as you want, and we will pay you half wages for it, too, but beware! We don’t want you to crowd us too much. —Your Quote for Today Committee

image006The Whistleblower has always been most sensitive to our needs.The League of Women Vipers

image006Those few darkies who showed at the Great Inland Seafood Fest at Newport were happy and gay, just like in “Our Old Kentucky Home.” —Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo 

image006image013Parents in Northern Kentucky are really glad when their children have already returned to school. —Bluegrass Fools in Schools

image006Handing out thousands of backpacks filled with free school supplies is something else we saw a lot more of during the Age of Obama. —Church Volunteers

image006Your child’s self-esteem is more important than actually doing something to earn it. —Northern Kentucky Educators

image006We can hardly wait to see if teachers like that former Bungals cheerleader will be having sex with their students. —Horny Guys in Junior High

image006The Free Condom Dispenser was empty on the first day. —Nerds at NKU

image006The first holiday on our schedule (Labor Day) isn’t until September 2 this year. —Children in Union Households


image006Will The Blower be endorsing our little tax hike this year?–Forest Hills School Board Members Randy Smith, Jim Frooman, and Forest Heis

image006When are they going to get rid of that politically incorrect Redskin Mascot? —Leftists In Anderson With Too Much Time On Their Hands

image006On the first day of school, I always tell my class we’re only having half a day of school that morning, and when the class says “Hooray,” I tell them we’ll be having the other half that afternoon. —Mrs. Carson, Who Really Hates Kids

image006Trish the Dish says it’s only Tuesday and she’s already tired of doing Back to School stories.  —Channel 19 News

image003          Whistleblower Official Weekly Disclaimer

        Sometimes The Blower makes fun of public schools to show that wasting all that over-taxed payer money is not acceptable in our society. This should be clear to anybody who isn’t an Obama-and-Crooked Hillary-loving Member of the Teachers Union.

          This publication is a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead without satirical intent is purely coincidental, especially those handing out diplomas to 18-year-olds who can’t even read.image003


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