Another “Those Were The Good Old Days” E-dition



image004Edition #75 (published on November 5, 1991) of the original printed edition of The Whistleblower (not the Newswire) was delivered to Persons of Consequence all over town. It was our “We Have Not Yet Begun To Gloat!” Edition, and our REALLY BIG STORY was Truth Takes A Real Beating. Our TOP TEN LIST listed the top ten reasons Cincinnati taxpayers would pay for a 38% Tax Increase. Wildman Walker finally came down off his billboard, and did he ever need to take a shower. And because it was Election Day, employees at the Hamilton County Courthouse had the day off, so they could work at the polls.


PAGE TWO featured another REAL EDITORIAL BY PUBLISHER CHARLES FOSTER KANE talking about the Press Gang. Even then we didn’t have much use for reporters, saying the modern reporter, even back in 1991, was a moral bully, a dispenser of civic rectitude, a cosmetically perfected crusader for the politically correct. ELECTION EXTRA told some of the comments you’d probably be hearing on Election Night. BEHIND THE SCENES told us some of the back-room deals being made. Voters were vomiting in the WEEKLY WHISTLEBLOWER LIMERICK CONTEST. And Board of Elections Director Pamela Swafford was predicting only 48% of registered voters would be showing up at the polls that day.image008

PAGE THREE featured CHEAP SHOTS taken at Mickey Esposito, Judge Thomas Crush, Fifth Third’s Clem Buenger, lovely and talented Cincinnati Post Business Columnist Jennifer Kent, and Nick Vehr. There was the customary promo for Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane’s appearance on a local radio talk show, and Bunky Tadwell told about Halloween and Election Day in ANOTHER GUEST EDITORIAL.image010

PAGE FOUR featured the REAL LETTERS FROM REAL SUBSCRIBERS, and during all those years, not a single one of those people has ever called to complain that their letter might not have been real. In ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT, Nicholas Martin wrote about Toxic Shock Syndrome, and Jesse Jackson appeared in a “Citizens for a Mediocre Education” ad for the Cincinnati Public Schools 38% Tax Increase.image012

PAGE FIVE featured Ken Camboo’s BLUEGRASS HOLLER, which featured items about Brereton Jones and Larry Hopkins, Clyde Middleton, Bill Butler, and Sam Wyche. And wouldn’t you know, Eric “Call Me Crazy” Deters had found a way to get his name in the Whistleblower way back then, and he didn’t even have to file a frivolous lawsuit against us. Northern Kentucky Bureau Chief J. R. Hatfield’s Florence Squall, Eat It And Like It, Water Wars, Take This Tax And Shove It, and The Bridge To Nowhere were all award-winning items.image014

And PAGE SIX included HOTLINE HANG-UPS, with some of the anonymous calls we received last week on the Whistleblower Hotline. And right before those FAKE CLASSIFIED ADS, Whistleblower Gossip Columnist Linda Libel reported some the latest goings-on in, dishing more dirt about Channel 9’s Randy Little and Jim Knippenberg. Linda wonders if either of those two guys are still alive these days.image016

It was a lot of fun publishing The Whistleblower in those 1991.
That’s why we say “Those were the good old days.”
You can download that entire edition HERE.image009 image010