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U of Illinois Instructor Assaults Conservative Students

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Thanksgiving Capitalism Display Leaves Student Spitting Mad
Conservative students at Portland State University say a classmate spat on them while they hosted a “Capitalism vs. Socialism” display on Thanksgiving. Profs Blast ‘Thin-Skulled’ Students Who Demand Safe Spaces
Two female law profs say colleges should promote a culture of “true grit” to help fight against the “thin-skulled” demands for safe spaces.

UC-Riverside MAGA Hat Snatcher Faces Grand Theft Charges
A University of California, Riverside student who snatched a “MAGA” hat from a classmate now faces up to one year in jail for grand theft.

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Professor Tells Students Trump Is A Racist 

At Harvard, ‘A Hub Of Interdisciplinary Scholarship’ Emerges Through Abigail Adams Institute

Veteran Evergreen State Employee Resigns In Disgust, Citing Illegal Spending Of State Money

USC’s new mandatory ‘wellness’ program to focus on sexuality, spirituality, sustainability

Ohio State Student Government Adds Meeting Break To Accommodate Islamic Prayers

How My Vision Of Christ In Iran Led Me From Suicide To Salvation

Despite Being Spit On, Students’ ‘Capitalism Vs. Socialism’ Thanksgiving Display Prompts Insight, Interest

Harvard Women’s Center To Roll Out ‘Gender 101’ Training Courses

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