Special “Wednesday’s Wild Cards” E-dition


Tonight’s News Coverage You Sure In Hell Won’t See On The Front Page Of The Fishwrap

(Or On TV Channels 5, 9, 12, 19, And Spectrum Either)

Republicans For A Greater Cincinnati Says There Is No Compelling Reason To Have The Vote To Determine The Next Hamilton County Republican Chairman On Such Short Notice!
Rank and file Republicans deserve to be informed and hear from the candidates for Chair, Tom Brinkman and Russell Mock, and that requires time!
An offer to sponsor a debate between Russell Mock and Tom Brinkman will be announced shortly.
The current date for the vote does not allow for thoughtful consideration of the candidates.
The rush for the election creates the impression that the process is abusively controlled by insiders.
A later date for the election will allow the candidates to visit Republican Clubs and present their qualifications and vision for the Hamilton County Republican Party.
A competition between Brinkman and Mock will create excitement about the Republican Party which is good for the growth of the party.
Good government requires sunshine!
Petition to delay the vote for Hamilton County Republican Chairman, currently scheduled for February 2nd, 2023.
We the undersigned, Registered Voters of Hamilton County Ohio, demand that the vote for the new Hamilton County Ohio Republican Party Chairman be delayed until at least March 1ST, 2023.
Signature Community Date
This petition was prepared by: Jim Berns, Executive Director, Republicans for a Greater Cincinnati, and should be delivered to Debbie Flammer at Republican Headquarters in person, or by email copy. HQ email is, debbie@hamiltoncountyrepublicanparty.org HQ address: Hamilton County Republican Party 430 Reading Road, Suite 201 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 513-381-5454
For additional copies contact Jim Berns at 513-708-0815


We Just Heard That At The Eastside RINO Meeting At The American Legion Patriot Center on Clough Pike (Next Tuesday At 7pm) Brinkman And Mock Had Been Invited To Present Their Cases To Be GOP Chair…. Brinkman Said, “Hell Yes!” And Mock Said Whimpering,’ “No…..” That Ain’t Leadership! “Taxkiller Tom” Will Be There With Guns Blazing. Russell Will Be Shivering Under His Gold-Plated Bed.
Our Angry Andersonian says, “Mock reminds him of a Brass Monkey….. Both have balls but just for decoration.”

Finally, Let’s Stop All The Bengals Hype For A Minute. Kickoff is on Sunday at 6:30 p.m.
Tomorrow CBS will report Doctors and nurses who cared for Damar Hamlin at the UC Medical Center in Cincinnati have been given a key to the city. Cincinnati Mayor Aflac will bestow the honors on the care team from the UC Medical Center.

Can We Stop All The Virtue Signaling Already.

The UC Care Team deserves a lot of thanks from a lot of people, but not just for saving an NFL Football Player’s life. It’s their job. It’s what they do 24/7/365. God Bless them, and every other Care Team and every other hospital too.

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