Tuesday’s Triumphs 24 January 2023


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Tonight’s Top News Stories You Won’t See On The Front Page Of The Fishwrap

Our Conservative Curmudgeon Stu Mahlin says

Ohio’s Voter ID Law Is One Of The Strictest In The US

The Legislature Passed Changes At The End Of ’22

Ohio’s new election law that takes effect this spring sets some of the strictest voter ID rules in the country, a USA TODAY Network Ohio analysis found.

Gov. Mike DeWhine signed legislation earlier this month that would require voters to present photo IDs at the polls and offer free state IDs to Ohioans 17 and older. The changes are part of a major overhaul to state election laws that the GOP-controlled Legislature passed in the final weeks of 2022.

But The Blower Asks If A Picture Is Really Worth $7 Million A Year?

Meanwhile in Hamilton County, It Looks Like

Hamilton County GOP Headquarters sent out applications to all Central Committee Members that had been submitted for the position of Hamilton County Republican Party Boss to be voted on in only nine more days on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

But Republicans For A Greater Cincinnati Says

Republicans really need a reasonable amount of time (let’s say a Month) to hear from Tom Brinkman and Russell Mock, the two candidates for the position.

RFGC suspects Acting Party Boss Triffon Callos and his buddies want to hurry the election so there is no time for “Taxkiller Tom” Brinkman to make his case, that he is the better-qualified candidate for the position.

Does the leadership of the Hamilton County Republican Party have no shame?

Is there no law to which they won’t go in their quest to maintain control?


The election should be delayed at least till March so the two candidates can present their cases not just to the Executive Committee but also to all of those Hamilton County Republican clubs and others!

Brinkman, the better fighter, is scheduled to take a fall in the 1st round, whether he knows it or not, by a secret underhanded stab from the establishment’s guy, Russ “Don’t Mock Me” Mock.  The deal was set up by Alex “TryingToFoolYou” and his sidekick “Triffon the Trickster.” Word not on the street is that Tom just isn’t the right guy to continue rearranging the deckchairs on the sinking liner BECAUSE there are still able-bodied men to get into those lifeboats with whatever they can carry.

So please, don’t tell “Taxkiller Tom” he’s about to get a shank to the gut in the first round.

Finally, The Blower Says Even With The Egregious Price Of Eggs These Days, Our Favorite Picture Of Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane And Hamilton County’s Double Dipping Disingenuous D-RAT Auditor Would Really Be Worth It.

The Whistleblower Newswire Is Your Official Publication of Record For The Conservative Agenda

The Blower believes we’re still living during the most important period in American History for our non-stop crusade for Election Integrity and against Coordinated Leftist Insurrection and the Devolution of Our American Culture while Congress, the Deep State, and the Radical Media Establishment continue to lie to advance their Coordinated Leftist Agenda.

But first, we must see a Corleone  Political Reckoning on Election Integrity Along With Indictments And Perp Walks For Laws Broken During The Illegal 2020 Presidential Election and 2022 Mid-Term Elections, without which nothing else really matters.

Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane Says The Conservative Agenda is watching to see if any progress is made during the next 651 days before the 2024 elections.

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