Daily Archives: May 11, 2021

“Anderson Apocalypse Update” E-dition

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2021
AND OUR UNKNOWN CANDIDATE SAYS, “NOT A WORD FROM ANY OF THOSE SO-CALLED CONSERVATIVE SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES.” We are anxiously awaiting the publishing of an account of the demise of the Forest Hills School District. Since we have long-used “Apocalypse” to accurately label this “event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale” that book’s title will have to take another direction.

We suggest something along the lines of “Where Accountability Went to Die.” Forest Hills School District. Not Washington, D. C. Not the CDC. Not Big Tech.

We find three superintendents leaving Forest Hills to escape accountability for their management failures. Yes, all leaving at the same time. We ask the question: What school district has three superintendents? The answer is: A district extravagantly and irresponsibly mismanaged.

This triumvirate leaves after shamelessly submitting a five-year budget with increasing annual deficits. Not little deficits. The district intentionally plans to be in the red deeply enough to meet qualifications for the state placing the district on fiscal watch. As standard operating procedure. Unaccountably shameful performance.

We find Forest Heis (the Lesser), equally unaccountable, likely to run for re-election to his woke school board throne after approving those budgets – and not firing those superintendents. Heis was also complicit in the hiring of disgraced superintendent Dallas Jackson whose destined-for-failure building plan did indeed fail spectacularly resulting in massive budget deficits and multiple lawsuits. We know people loved their outrageously expensive new paint and ceiling tiles – already smudged and heading for dingy, we suspect. But if that is a success to them, then those plan supporters should also face accountability for dismissing options where the money could have been successfully spent on responsible plans that were offered.

Forest Heis (the Lesser) offers to bless us with more of his unaccountable presence while at least two other woke board members are leaving. Signs point to possibly a third resigning. Sounds like “abandon ship” has been ordered. Rumors regarding a large slate of questionable replacement candidates portends a continuing collapse. More. Of. The. Same.

And all this after boardies Jim Frooman and Randy Smith left with not even a quiet apology for the mess they began, promoted, and then abandoned to those that had to stick around to suffer the consequences. Much less suffering accountability for their malignant leadership.

An Apocalypse Graveyard?

Truly. In the school district “Where Accountability Went To Die.