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Official “Drinking The Mask-er Aid” E-dition

Trump’s 1325th Day In Office

September 06, 2020        Vol. IV


Dear Suckers

Yes, you read that right: “Dear Suckers”! Apparently there’s more than one of you born every minute, because what my agent has been telling me is beyond belief. My IT expert was able to hack into your system, so this group message is my attempt at a wake-up call, before it’s too late.

It seems you have become followers of some nut-case who not only claims he is either the reincarnation of Jim Jones (of Jonestown infamy), or the thawed-out version of him, but even worse, is also using and disgracing my name for highly dubious purposes. This has to stop. Do you think I will continue to permit my name, so distinguished in theater, cinema and TV, to be used for such insanity? diflucan 200mg

But it gets worse. My namesake is not only thawed out, he is trying to enforce unquestioning obedience to the Kung Flu lockdown, as if it is perfectly legitimate. Folks, turn off your closed-circuit TV, remove the behavior modification IV from your veins, and take a red pill!

Want a list of red pill ingredients? Remember that list of the facts that your Freezer-Burned Fearless Leader tried to debunk in Volume III? Well, you can start with that, but here’s more: nexium 20mg

  • No disease associated with this “pandemic” has ever been isolated using the gold standard procedure for that purpose: Koch’s Postulates;
  • The Chicken Little death estimates of Fauci and Birx were based on figures produced by a British “scientist,” Neil Ferguson, whose estimates were proven to be completely fraudulent;
  • The PCR test upon which all these thousands of “cases” rests does not test for an actual disease, since no disease has ever been identified. The tests only identify antibodies, which could result from a common cold!
  • The symptoms of this virus are flu-like, but according to the CDC and the WHO, you can test positive and yet have no flu symptoms. Ever heard of a flu with no symptoms? No? That’s because there’s no such thing – and see my final bullet point;
  • Fauci, the CDC and the WHO (whose Director-General is not a medical doctor, and who is a former member of an Ethiopian Communist terrorist group) have all stated that healthy people should not be wearing masks, and then flip-flopped several times about that. Why?
  • Hydroxychloroquine is a highly successful treatment in the early stages of virus symptoms, yet it is being ruthlessly suppressed. Why? Hint: no profit in it for Bill Gates and Big Pharma;
  • The death counts are entirely fraudulent, yet they are being drummed into your heads daily by a complicit media whose “journalists” have no conscience. Why are they fraudulent? Because the “cause of death” is listed as COVID-19, no matter what the actual cause was, if COVID-19 has been determined to be present (how, by those fake PCR tests?). Why? Hint: another lie to justify the lockdown;
  • And some breaking news: the CDC has now admitted that there are actually only 9,000+ USA deaths attributable to COVID-19, not the completely fabricated 20-times-higher figures that have been floated as “real.”
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  • And finally, yet more breaking news: the CDC has also admitted that that healthy people who’ve been exposed “do not necessarily need a test” if they have no symptoms!

I conclude, as befits my distinguished career, with a variation on Macbeth:

“Is this bullshit I see before me,
A vaccine before my arm? Come, let me debunk thee.
Art thou not, phony crisis, sensible
To truth and to facts? Or art thou but
A syringe of the mind, a false creation,
Proceeding from the greed-oppressèd elites?
I see thee yet, in form so transparent
And thee I now expose.”

My friends, set yourselves free from this mass hypnosis – or should I call it mass psychosis? Get yourselves off Lockdown Island before it’s too late, throw away the masks, get back to social intimacy, return to church, open up your business, send your kids back to school, and tell anyone who repeats the Big Lie, including your thawed-out Supreme Pastor, to go to hell.

You’re welcome…and May the Force Be with You!

Jim E. Jones

(“James Earl” to you)