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Today’s Good News And Bad News
From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”

image009Fox News reported that FBI sources say that the FBI investigation into the Clinton foundation is likely to lead to an indictment. One source further stated that the bureau collected “a lot of” evidence, adding that “there is an avalanche of new information coming every day.” As with anything on Fox News, this report should be viewed with a great deal of skepticism. If they do have sources within the FBI, what it really proves is that there are Hillary haters within the FBI (not unexpectedly) that will violate the law and engage in political activity. Hillary shouldn’t lose too much sleep over something on Fox, as they have tried and convicted her many times in the past 30 years.

The Donald has insisted for months that polls are failing to capture the breadth of his support because some of his backers won’t admit image015it to a pollster over the telephone. He’s wrong. According to a POLITICO/Morning Consult study conducted by Morning Consult this past weekend and released Thursday, a hidden army of Trump voters that’s undetected by the polls is unlikely to materialize on Election Day. 

Several top Democrats have come out against FBI Director James Comey in the last couple of days. The soon-to-be-top Senate Democrat, Sen. Chuck Schumer said, “I do not have confidence in him any longer.” Schumer has questioned the timing of Comey’s announcement about finding more of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails just 11 days before the election. In addition, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also said, “Maybe he’s not in the right job.” President Obama also criticized Comey yesterday, saying “I do think that there is a norm that when there are investigations, we don’t operate on innuendo, and we don’t operate on incomplete information, and we don’t operate on leaks.” Obama didn’t mention Comey by name but made it clear that is who he was talking about. Obama’s deputy press secretary said that the President was not going to comment on an ongoing FBI investigation. It looks like that, if Comey wants to keep working beyond the end of the year, he should probably be job shopping, or at least praying for a Trump victory.

Here’s a list of what a possible Trump Administration would look like, as shown above. Go here: image004

Global Warming is a hoax. The proof is that hell froze over last night – at least in Chicago and Cleveland. Trump’s campaign co-manager and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway cited the fact that the Cubs won the World Series as proof that Trump can win. That may be the case, but it also could take 108 years to come true. The Boston Red Sox finally overcame a similar long-time drought in 2004 – the so-called “Curse of the Babe” by winning the World Series for the first time in 86 years. However, it didn’t help underdog Massachusetts Senator John Kerry one bit in his bid to be elected president that year. Now if the Bengals had won the Super bowl this year…image005

These were mostly all taken after Comey’s letter to congress regarding Anthony Weiner’s computer and they generally look like good news for Hillary. They show her ahead in all the swing states except Ohio and Nevada, which she can easily afford to lose.image006

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