Special “Hillary In The Dock” E-dition



image005At this morning’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about Hillary’s mounting legal problems, even if she does get elected.  “Monday, Breitbart listed seven lingering legal headaches Crooked Hillary could face,” Kane explained.

image010PERJURY: Hillary signed documents testifying that she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, on orders from a federal judge, under penalty of perjury. We already have indisputable proof she violated this sworn statement… thousands of times.

image010OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: Crooked Hillary’s thousands of perjury counts are also related to the obstruction of justice. She held back documents she didn’t want Congress to see. She subverted the Freedom of Information Act, which is a law, not a lovely suggestion. 

image010BRIBERY: After the FBI set off a headline earthquake by re-opening the Crooked Hillary’s email investigation, we learned that several other FBI investigations of Clintonworld have been quietly in progress for some time. One of those investigations is digging into bribery allegations against the Clinton Foundation. The FBI agents working on these cases were reportedly very angry that top Bureau and Justice Department officials were pressuring them to drop their investigations.

image010PAY FOR PLAY: There has also been recent confirmation that the FBI has investigated influence-peddling allegations against the Clinton Foundation, which was so obviously used for that purpose that it’s funny to watch Crooked Hillary’s apologists insist nothing can be proven in a court of law. Some of the most vigorous infighting within the Bureau reportedly concerns whether pay-for-play investigations should move forward.

WikiLeaks has exposed emails from Clinton insiders that openly discuss how the Foundation was part of a network that steered millions of dollars to “Bill Clinton Inc.” Even longtime members of the Clinton syndicate professed themselves troubled by these operations. They were also unhappy with arrangements like Crooked Hillary’s agreement to speak in Morocco after a $12 million donation to the Clinton Global Initiative.

image010ILLEGAL USE OF A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION: There are many laws governing the management of charitable organizations, generally intended to prevent them from becoming money-laundering operations, ripoff operations, and vehicles for political influence peddling. The Clinton Foundation and its galaxy of related operations may eventually find itself answering some questions about compliance with those laws, assuming the IRS decides to stop focusing its efforts on hassling mom-and-pop pro-life groups and kitchen-table TEA Party outfits. If the Foundation is ever held to account for any other impropriety, charges of abusing a nonprofit should be part of the legal package as well.

image010RACKETEERING: Former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has recently observed that Crooked Hillary’s abuse of the State Department looks an awful lot like a “racketeering enterprise,” which could trigger the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1971, more widely known as RICO. McCarthy explained:

Under RICO, an “enterprise” can be any association of people, informal or formal, illegitimate or legitimate – it could be a Mafia family, an ostensibly charitable foundation, or a department of government. It is a racketeering enterprise if its affairs are conducted through “a pattern of racketeering activity.” A “pattern” means merely two or more violations of federal or state law; these violations constitute “racketeering activity” if they are included among the extensive list of felonies laid out in the statute.

image010FRAUD: Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel has been building a case that the “Clinton Charity Network,” as he calls the complete system of Clinton operations, has committed “charity fraud of epic proportions.” In part, he refers to discrepancies between donor accounts and the Clinton Foundation’s books.

Others have pointed out how the Clinton Health Access Initiative has essentially ignored New York state law for years, without a peep from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (who just happens to be part of the Clinton campaign’s “leadership council.”) There are some interesting differences between the paperwork CHAI submitted to the IRS and what it submitted to the state of New York, which has more specific requirements about identifying foreign donors.

In addition to getting a free pass on perjury, the Crooked Clintons are traditionally allowed to violate tax laws without penalty, eventually refiling paperwork  when “errors” are discovered years after the fact. Another round of whoops-my-bad, no-harm-no-foul “refiling” during Crooked Hillary’s presidency would be embarrassing, especially if she’s busy trying to ratchet up taxes on everyone else. (MORE)

“So with all of Crooked Hillary’s Legal Problems, how could she ever be elected?” one of our Whistleblower Legal Dream Team members asked.

“The problem isn’t so much that Crooked Hillary is a corrupt lying criminal. Everyone knows this,” Kane tried to make clear. “The problem is that all those Dumbed Down DemocRATS planning to vote for her don’t really care.”image006image009 image010