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Special “Exploiting Mother’s Day” E-dition

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MONDAY, MAY 8, 2017

Then Greedy Politicians Got Hold Of It

image005 - CopyHurley the Historian says according to Patrick Murfin, the celebration of Mother’s Day has really been hyped to Hell in a Handbasket since Anna Marie Jarvis created it in memory of her mother, who died on May 9, 1905.

But by the mid-1920’s Jarvis and her sister became embittered at the commercialization of the holiday they worked so hard to create, and the sisters spent the rest of their lives and all of their inheritance battling that trend.  They trademarked the names “Mother’s Day” and “Second Sunday in May” to try and keep merchants from using them.  But there we too many fires to put out and not enough lawyers in the world to stamp out flagrant infringement.  At least once she was arrested for protesting. [READ MORE HERE]image004

 That Was Bad Enough, But Today

The DemocRAT National Committee still wants you to wish Michelle a Happy Mother’s Day.


But it always turns into just another donation request when you go to sign it

At the Same time, Liberal Lemmings could always Wish Hillary a Happy Mother’s Day


The Blower says be sure you remember Benghazi and make all donations in memory of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty.


Republicans want you to show that special mom in your life how much you care by donating, and liking them on Facebook too!



Ohio Right to Life wishes you a very happy Mother’s Day and asks that you keep in your prayers single mothers, post-abortive women, mothers contemplating abortion, and of course, their children. We must love them both.


Then they ask you for a donation.image004

Meanwhile, according to Newsbusters, Liberals at Huffington Post say you should “Celebrate Mother’s Day With An Abortion.”



But The Blower says you should always try to make Mother’s Day really Special.seafood At least when you take mom to Red Lobster for her Ultimate Feast on Mother’s Day, this time you shouldn’t ask her to pick up the check.