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Annual “Day of Prayer Day” E-dition


Happy National Prayer Day, Everybody!

LET US PRAY: Whistleblower Religious Editor Fielding Mellish says everybody was so busy getting ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo tomorrow we damn near missed the 66th Annual National Day of Prayer today, and with still another 1,278 More Days Until Trump’s Re-election Day on November 3, 2020, the entire nation certainly has something to pray about, especially all those Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Stuff Grabbing, Low-Information Obama Supporters Who Put The Positively Worst President in History In The White House—Twice, and Failed Trying To Give Obama a Third Term By Voting For Hillary, and get all of their “fake news” from our Obama Supporters in the Press, like the ones at The Fishwrap and on Channel 5, 9, 12, and 19.

We hope our good friend Revered Former Ohio Congressman Bob McEwen said a little prayer for us when he spoke at this morning’s prayer breakfast.

image005THAT’S WHY OUR QUOTE FOR TODAY COMMITTEE chose the words of Mary Washington, mother of our nation’s first president: “Remember that God is our only sure trust.”

image005WHISTLEBLOWER WAR HERO OLLIE HACKWORTH says six year years ago there was a spontaneous gathering on Fountain Square at noon to celebrate the Death of Osama bin Laden. Our good friend Bill Sloat’s son (USAF pilot) and thousands of others had joined and served to do what was right, and to right the great wrong.

Our young men and women had sent Osama bin Laden to answer to God. We should’ve rejoiced, then prayed for peace. At that point, 5,493 service people had been killed, thousands more had been wounded. We should’ve remembered the 9/11 victims and all that chaos and destruction.  It was truly an historic day. Justice had been served. And for a brief moment during the Dark Ages of the Obama Administration, America was united, unlike after the recent Boston Massacre, where Obama did everything wrong before and after the atrocity:  

Especially after we found out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sent a written warning about accused Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2012, long before pressure-cooker blasts killed three and injured hundreds.

The War on Terror Is Not Over. Radical Islam Is Not a Peaceful Religion. Racial Profiling Works. And Political Correctness Kills.


That’s Why The Blower publishes Jihad Reports like this every Saturday in our Weekend Wisdom E-ditions

The ReligionofPeace.com’s List of Islamic Terror Attacks during the past week details 36 Islamic attacks in 12 countries, in which 280 people were killed and 275 injured.


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Whistleblower Video of the Day

Pastor Joe Nelms thanks God for his smokin’ hot wife!

image010(Sent in by Revered Former Six-term Ohio Congressman Bob McEwen, who hopes his National Prayer Day invocation at the U.S. Capitol today was half as good as this video.)

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