Special “More Political Poetry” E-dition


An Afternoon Chat With My Muse
By David T. Reed

image004Now let’s consider Hillary
Who lies not just a little
Her falsehoods show a profligate
That gives me lots of spittle

Her ClintonCare that failed to fly
Back when co-president
But not content to fade away
The Senate then she went

Though not residing in New York
Her cronies found a way
Ignoring those election rules
Corrupt Big Apple had its say

Then gallivanting round the world
As Mistress of the State
While not protecting embassies
She gave us emailgate

A Biden or a Bernie-man
image006Her desperate replacement?
A bumbling joke or Marxist shill
Those DEMS need abatement

A white knight in his Boeing jet
Here comes “The Donald” Trumpster
To save us from those idiots
And drop them in a dumpster

Our country’s in such dire straits
From Barry-O’s regime
The White House needs a good delouse
And scouring by Trump’s Team

This nation needs to bow itself
In abject repentance
And thereby hopefully avoid
A DemocRAT-led death sentenceimage016image017