Special “Salute to Black Republicans” E-dition

Trump’s 1,095th Day In Office


“Shitholes” and “Shitstorms”

All of Trump’s enemies are still whining about Trump’s alleged “Shitholes” remark (that was really a lie made up by Dishonest DemocRAT Dick Durbin) and totally ignoring that time Obama called Libya a “Shitstorm.”


And doesn’t everybody remember the hypocrisy of our Disingenuous DemocRATS’ unanimous forgiveness of equally Dishonest DemocRAT Then-US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s racist comments about Obama’s being a “light-skinned African who won’t scare white people” and doesn’t talk in “negro dialect unless he wants to” still ringing in our ears, we can only imagine what Dingy Harry might say today. 


image007Because contrary to Mendacious Media Mythology, Obama’s “historic” first election did not usher in a post-racial America. Instead, Obama became the “Divider in Chief.” Instead, speaking openly about race is still forbidden. Just ask Harry Reid, who had dared to use the term “Negro,” although the National Council of Negro Women and United Negro College Fund still exist.

image007Two years ago, Black Racist D-RAT Congressman John Lewis was getting his name in the papers by announcing his plans not to attend Trump’s First State Of The Union Address on January 30 along with other Black Racists In Congress. Meanwhile, MKL’s niece Alveda C. King’s support for Trump goes unreported.

image007And Today Black Lies Matter and the Black Israelites Will Be Trying to Exploit MLK’s Memory For Their Own Purposes.

image007The Trumpster and Vice President Pence paid a visit to Washington’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, honoring the civil rights icon with a wreath on the federal holiday bearing his name, and of course, Trump-Haters In The Press made jokes and used their stop watches so they could whine about how much time he spent. No doubt, members of the Racist Black Caucus will be calling for his Impeachment one more time.

.Dr. King Wouldn’t Want A Day Off  

image005image007The Blower also remembers the day before the “historic” Coronation of the man WLW Hate Radio’s Racist in Residence Bill Cunningham dared to call Barack “Hussein” Obama, every racial racketeer was once again exploiting the memory of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and Liberals were once again posthumously ignoring the wishes of the widow of the slain civil rights leader, because she believed in honoring her husband’s legacy the way he would if he were still alive today— by WORKING.

image007image007We also recall that time Coretta Scott King told USA Today the theme of that year’s holiday observance was “Remember! Celebrate! Act! A day on, not a day off.” The first lady of the civil rights movement said she hoped people would remember her husband and celebrate his legacy.

That means people should be going to work today and kids ought to be in school. Mrs. King said we shouldn’t honor her husband by not working, because the true meaning of his life was his work.

image007The Blower has always agreed: “We never honor people by taking days off, when it’s the exact opposite of how most of them lived.”

image007Unfortunately, nobody is suggesting the best way to honor the great man’s work would be by going to work. For such a suggestion, you’d surely be condemned, not commended. We can just hear those left-wing bloggers now calling us racists for daring to comment on how people of all races are exploiting the memory of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. today.

image007image008Imagine what would happen if a school district actually tried to follow King’s example. Suppose a school superintendent decided to keep the doors open on Martin Luther King Day, saying he (or she) believed students in a dumbed-down public school system simply couldn’t afford to lose another day from their studies. Butler County Racial Racketeer Gary Hines would once again have his picture on the front page of The Fishwrap for sure.

image007You’d see picketers and protesters, former Cincinnati NAALCP President SMLP Chris Smithermouth would send out another press release, and there’d be a howling from the Liberal Propaganda Media claiming that keeping schools open today showed a lack of respect and sensitivity for what the holiday means to all those poor Black folks, which unfortunately, for too many, means just merely another day off with pay. And with the endless media hype, and all those Obasms in the Press for how hard our Obamessiah is still trying to save all those poor Black people in around the world, the whole thing has gotten so out-of-hand, you might say it’s the complete Kwanzaa-fication of Martin Luther King Day.






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