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From the Very Beginning… 

          image005At yesterday’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane said he is never surprised when Political Insiders ask about The Blower’s latest exclusive report, but Kane was surprised, however, when one of our more recent Political Insiders in attendance asked about the first time our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher “Blew the Whistle” on a really deserving public official.

image006Hurley the Historian was ready with a full report, because every day since November 4, 1992, The Whistleblower Newswire has been turning over rocks and shining the light of truth underneath so you could see the vermin squirming.

image007Unlike today, Kane used to get a lot of well-deserved coverage in the local press for his Marvelous Muckraking. Our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher was even asked to present the Annual Whistleblower Professional Journalism Awards to members of the Queen City Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists at that group’s August 15, 1991 meeting.

But that actually wasn’t the beginning. A decade before that, when Ronald Reagan was running for president, Kane did media advance work for The Gipper during the early primaries. Later  that year, Kane exposed then-GOP Hamilton County Commissioner Norman Murdock for operating an illegal Republican group out of the courthouse.

image009Nearly forty-two years ago, a picture of the check from Stormin’ Norman’s “Committee to Elect Republicans” bearing the Hamilton County Courthouse address of “1000 Main Street” on the front-page of the Sunday paper on August 10, 1980, and legendary political reporter Bob Weston’s award-winning expose (“Republican Group Alleged to Work from County Office”) was just the beginning.

image011Later that year as the Murdock scandal fomented, Jim Borgman piled on by publishing some Pulitzer-Prize-winning editorial cartoons lampooning Murdock, like that classic one showing the disgraced Commissioner as a sleazy used car salesman with the caption asking, “Hey, have I ever given you a reason to doubt me?”

Kane followed with weekly satirical op-ed pieces for several years in the very Conservative, then very much respected Mt. Washington Press, detailing the goings-on in the mythical “Patronage County,” where Commissioners Pilfer, Filch, and Swindle held sway. You’ll never guess how many people thought “Stormin’ Norman” was Commissioner Swindle.

image013No wonder Murdock’s wet dreams of being Ohio’s governor evaporated.  

Finally, another one of the Political Insiders asked Kane why he enjoyed “Muckraking” and ruining the careers of courthouse crooks and cronies for all those years, and the Chairman of our Quote for Today Committee said that reminded him of the story about the prison warden who was retiring, and a reporter asked how he felt about holding the record for executions, and the warden said, “I guess I just like working with people.”

It looks like The Muckraker might even be getting serious about turning over more rocks of apathy and corruption to expose what’s wrong hereabouts. 

image018REMEMBER: If you can’t improve on the news, you shouldn’t even be reporting it.



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