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Special “Andersonian Apocalypse Update” E-dition


Like Joke Biden* promised unity, the Anderson Wokesters PROMISED the money to change the Anderson Redskin mascot. They also PROMISED a new mascot name.
Like unity, it should have been asked what was meant by money and by a name. There is some old saying that comes to mind about the equivalence of ass+u+me and assume. There also must be something like that about con+sens+us. Definitely sounds like the Woke Members Of the Forest Hills School Board our ASSUMED and were CONNED when they went along with the woke mascot zealots.

Let’s imagine some money-raising ideas.

 Let’s sell naming rights to the Anderson High School facilities. Super Elite wokesters can put their virtue on grandly self-important display for some of that stimulus cash they’ve amassed.  A quarter million per facility sounds about right.

Would love this opportunity to ace them out.  Donald Trump Baseball Field right on Forest Road in front of the school.  Ronald Reagan Football Field.  Sarah Palin Softball Field.  (None were slave-owners that we’re aware of although Reagan played General George Armstrong Custer in the movie “Santa Fe Trail”.) And so on.

Let’s imagine an honor wall for the second-tier elites.  Minimum of a grand to get your name on it.  Let’s do donation levels by wokester color!  White=Staunch, Black=Strong, Orange=Bold.  (Trump, the progressive’s Orangeman, has an acknowledged race now!)

Actually, we didn’t imagine this.  We hear these might be proposals being considered for school board approval submitted by the AWMC (Apocalyptic Wokester Mascot Committee).

And the mascot names?  We’ve proposed ours in the past.  We’re not going to go where the AWMC is going with names.

But what do you expect during an Apocalypse?

Actually, under any conditions we expect due diligence, common sense and a backbone.  We haven’t had any of that in the Forest Hills School District in a long time.  Still stuck in “just do something” mode.

How about a common sense proposal?  Board approval of a mascot change was based on the PROMISE of money being available to carry it out.  Since there was/is no such money, we propose the board use a little of that common sense, revoke their unfulfilled approval, apologize to us over-taxed payers who’ve just paid the humongous semi-annual School Tax, and keep the beloved Anderson Redskin mascot.  We’ll all try to forget the absurd waste of time and expense that has been forced upon us.

Remember The Redskin