Special “Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” E-dition



Disingenuous D-RAT Delusions
image004This week, everybody who remembers how really and truly exciting it was to pay $5 to catch a glimpse of Disgraced Former Pants-Dropper-in-Chief Bill Clinton campaigning for Crooked Hillary at the 2016 annual AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

            The winner that year was former local AFL-CIO Union Goon Rad Danford, who says he’s still proud of CODE’s Diana Frey and the FOP’s Kathy Harrell for the honesty and integrity they’ve shown representing their union brothers and sisters over the years, along with the Distinguished D-RATS on City Clown-cil who are still trying to figure out how to fund all those union pensions at one of America’s Worst Run Cities, especially after they spent all that money on their stupid Trolley Folly which had to cut their ridership projections in half “I see they’re cutting their ridership projections in half after they saw how few people actually rode our Stupid Street Car during its first year. 

            Rad won gift cards from Wal-Mart and Biggs, where he could save money on all that non-union-made merchandise; a personal ObamaCare Exemption; and free parking at that Crappy Union Day event at Coney Island with another record number of Americans in the labor force in August. His winning limerick that year was:  

          Here’s what we’ll celebrate on this Labor Day:

          Trump’s Recovery is now on its way.

          When we voted for Obama,

          It was a big trauma

          Now with Trump, we all have more take-home pay.

           And from the Anderson Laureate, who says “I’m sure glad I don’t live in Cincinnati.” 

          Here’s what we’ll celebrate on this Labor Day,

          We’re now looking for jobs with high pay!

          Because during Trump’s Recovery,

          We made a discovery:

          Tax cuts bring higher wages today.


Thomas De Torquemada says
Here’s what we’ll celebrate on this Labor Day:
A day off for the hard-working man, with pay.
But D-RATS and their blue welfare state,
A party full of scum and those of lightweight,
Will honor illegals and those who betray.


(Rev) Jim Jones says
Here’s what we’ll celebrate on this Labor Day:
Jeffrey Epstein’s comparatively short stay.

Suicide in jail is a terrible thing
When you have the goods on jet-setters who swing.

Hear all those folks on the Lolita Express
Heaving deep sighs of relief? But I digress.

Ole Epstein’s billions didn’t do him much good:
That Federal slammer was just like the ‘hood.

If your “labor” is screwing underage girls,
Then Labor Day is for you and fellow churls.

But if you have to work hard to make ends meet,
Then an extra day off is just downright sweet.

Finally, Perturbed in Park Hills Says
Here’s what we’ll celebrate on this Labor Day:
First, I’m gratified that my kids aren’t gay.

Second, I still have a roof over my head.
Third, on my plate plenty of gluten-free bread.

Fourth, my coffee shop’s open despite lockdown.
Fifth, I that live here instead of my hometown.

New York, New York, DeBlasio has screwed you:
His Communist agenda has passed right through,

Leaving a lawless hell in its Marxist wake
While DeBlasio says, “Oh, let them eat cake!”

Seventy-one police died on Nine-One-One,
But now it’s a crime for them to use their gun?

Meanwhile, Joke-a-Mala, the D-RAT ticket,
Proves telling the truth is no longer cricket.

If they get elected, our country is doomed,
But that’s exactly why this scum has been groomed.

So this Labor Day I’m celebrating Trump:
Our anti-socialist hero – he’s no chump.

He knows how to hand the Deep State their asses
And clear the air of their sulfurous gases.


And This Year’s Update:  Here’s what we’ll celebrate on this Labor Day:

(We surely won’t be singing “Anchors Aweigh,”

Now that the U.S. Navy is woke and gay.

Not the FBI’s fascist shock troops’ array,

Or the betrayal of the Deep State beltway.

Not Merrick Garland’s wardrobe closet foray,

Not the IRS new hires now in play,

Not Mitch McConnell’s Chinese connection pay,

Or the New York Times propaganda ballet.


Definitely not Gavin Newsom’s hairspray,

Or Nancy Pelosi chugging Cabernet.

Not Klaus Schwab decreeing that we should obey,

Or the toxic jabs that are Bill Gates’ mainstay.)

What then, you might ask, shall we do on Monday

Rather than against this corruption inveigh?

Raise a glass to ultra-MAGA, sans delay,

Then get down on your knees, clasp your hands and pray

That the treasonous leftists don’t have their way:

Faith and patriotism are our mainstay.

The first line of next week’s limerick is:
“It’s Less Than Nine More Weeks Till Elections”image003

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