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Special “Only 40 More Days Till The Election” E-dition


Today’s Good News And Bad News
From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”

image008When The Donald bragged about not paying income taxes during Monday’s debate, he may have really stepped in it.   Democrats plan to hammer him about that fact.  Nobody likes income taxes but the rest of us have to pay if we make any money.   It has to really gall a lot of people that a supposed billionaire could get away with paying nothing, while collecting hundreds of millions in income and at the same time collecting millions in tax subsidies from various municipalities. Expect to see some TV ads about his taxes in the near future.

image009Although the Donald claimed that he won the debate, citing on-line polls, including a non-existent CBS poll (they didn’t conduct one) and discounting telephone surveys, he has spent the last 2 days complaining about everything, especially moderator Lester Holt.   Apparently, The Donald doesn’t know that winners of anything rarely bitch about the refs.   He was especially angry at being asked about his 5-year campaign to discredit president Obama by claiming that he was born in Kenya, which is widely believed to be a racist conspiracy theory.   Trump also made the unlikely claim that Google conspired with the Hillary campaign to rig search results in her favor.    

image010When Trump said that he was thinking of bringing up something bad about Hillary’s family during the debate, he claimed that he couldn’t do it because he saw Chelsea Clinton in the audience.  Everyone knew he was talking about Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica, as if that was somehow Hillary’s fault.  Of course he didn’t want to hurt the poor little innocent 36 year-old Chelsea, now the mother of two, who had probably never heard of Monica before.   The truth is that he really can’t say a lot about Monica without his opponent bringing his own philandering on his first wife, and his second wife, not to mention having a child out of wedlock with future wife number two. Trump’s surrogates are now trying to spin the idea that he is such a nice person for not mentioning Monica by name, even though he has done that many times before.   But they have no reservations about doing it themselves.   image011Whether they can manage to gain any votes by blaming the victim of the Monica affair is problematic.   They may just generate some sympathy for her.   Most people know that a lot of men are pigs or dogs anyway, so what do they think they can gain with this line of attack?

According to a CBS report, at least 10 states have had their election databases hacked into.  This has the potential to swing the election in a way that the hackers, probably the Russians, want.    All they have to do is delete 10 or 12 percent of the voter registrations of whichever party they are trying to hurt and it’s a done deal.  image012The voters will show up to vote and not be allowed to.  By the time election officials figure it out, the election is over.  They may only have to do this in one or two swing states to put their chosen candidate into the White House.  We are pretty sure that the Hillary forces are not behind this, given how ineptly they handled her email issues.   Trump’s campaign is probably equally inept, because of the fact that their website crashed during the debate when they were unprepared for a spike in traffic.  U.S. Intelligence officials are very sure that the Russians were the ones that hacked the Democratic National Committee’s database earlier this year, so it may well be that the Russians and Trump’s buddy, Putin, will determine who our next president is.  

After claiming the other day that climate change was not worth doing anything about because the sun is going to destroy the earth in a few billion years, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson proved again that he shouldn’t be in the presidential race at all.    Asked during a town-hall meeting who his favorite foreign leader was, he couldn’t think of a single foreign leader – anywhere, any country, on any continent.  He said he was having an “Aleppo moment,” referring to the time recently when he didn’t know what Aleppo was.  People were torn between comparing him to Rick (oops) Perry, who couldn’t think of the three departments of government that he wanted to abolish and Sarah Palin, who couldn’t think of a single newspaper that she ever read.   Gary isn’t quite ready for the big leagues, that’s for sure.  

Nothing new in this bunch – everything is as expected.image007

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