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Special “Only 56 More Days Till The Election” E-dition



Today’s Good News And Bad News

From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”

image004Eight Weeks to go, Boys and Girls, but better than that, less than two weeks till the first debate.  Hillary is no doubt using her down time to study and prepare.  The Donald thinks he doesn’t need any preparation and his campaign is probably just going to have to let Donald be Donald.  Hillary is hoping so.   Most of the Trump supporters are whooping it up over the fact that Hillary has pneumonia.   This is a non-issue because it will very likely end up being nothing more serious than a bad cold or the flu.   The Trump campaign knows this and has ordered anyone speaking on their behalf to stay away from the health issue and just offer vague good wishes.  It was ok for them to claim that she was too weak and sick to be president when she was feeling fine, but now that there is an actual illness they are worried about how it makes them look.   They really want to concentrate on Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment, which they see as a winner.   With Hillary not backing down on that except to say that she shouldn’t have said “half” of Trump’s image005supporters are deplorable, we have yet to see if either side can gain anything from this.   The Trump campaign is up with ads trying to spin her comment to say that she was talking about all Americans, painting her as some kind of elitist, who disparages “hard-working” people.   Of course, she was not talking about everyone, or even all Trump supporters.   The ad proves the point that there are liars, damn liars, pathological liars and politicians.  Our guess is that the “deplorables” comment will cut both ways – some people will take offense at it but others may look at it the way it was intended – “do we want to get into the basket with David Duke, Breitbart, etc.?”   In the end, it may have no over-all effect.  Most people have already made up their minds what each candidate represents.   A WP/ABC poll shows that voters image006agree with Hillary – Trump is running a campaign for bigots. – (More here) 

Bill Clinton’s former CIA chief, James Woolsey, has endorsed Trump and will act as an adviser to Trump’s campaign.   Woolsey may be the highest level defection from the Clinton camp to the opposition in this campaign. 

Obama’s approval numbers are way up, according to a new WP/ABC poll.  Historically, when the incumbent president is popular, then his party does well, including of course, the party’s presidential nominee.

Reid Hoffman, the cofounder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, pledged on Monday to donate up to $5 million to veterans image007organizations if Donald Trump releases his tax returns before the final presidential debate. The pledge follows a crowdfunding campaign launched late last week by Peter Kiernan, a Marine, to raise $1 million and donate the money to ten veterans group if Trump releases his tax returns by October 19.  “Trump claims to love veterans, and so we’re asking him to put his money where his mouth is,” Kiernan wrote on the crowfunding page  This will put a lot of pressure on The Donald to release his taxes, otherwise people can complain that he is denying funds to veterans.

Yeah, it’s The Gipper himself in a new ad, coming soon to a TV near you.   Said to be airing in many swing state, including, of course, Ohio. 

Ipsos released polls of all 50 states today.   Of the swing states, they show Trump leading in Iowa, New Mexico and Wisconsin, with a tie in Florida.    They have Trump up by 10 in New Mexico, which is way off.   In our opinion, New Mexico is a likely Clinton win but if not, it will be a lot closer than 10 points.

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