Special “Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” E-dition

Trump’s 1,353rd Day In Officelimerick

News Flash: The Fishwrap Still Backs Crooked Hillary

image005This week, everybody who thinks that no matter the outcome of Trump’s Mid-Term  Elections in only 30 more days, 2016 will be officially declared the Year Journalism Died, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

The winner is Farron Balanced, who says just like at The Fishwrap, liberal reporters everywhere are either too lazy, too stupid, or too dishonest ever to report the truth.

Farron wins another “Hillary in Prison” yard sign to replace the 42nd one that just got stolen, a bullshit detector for watching all those candidates’ commercials on TV, and a free subscription to the Special Whistleblower “Insiders E-dition.” His winning entry is:

Is Real Journalism already dead?
From embarrassment their faces should be red
‘Cause they’re all in the swillery
For Obama and Crooked Hillary
To promote the Liberal Media Conspiracy instead

Thomas De Torquemada says
Is Real Journalism already dead?
Ask the D-RATS with whom they’re in bed!
Soros, Clinton, Obama and more
Try to dictate the media score,
As they fabricate the fake news they spread.

And from the Unlicensed Anderson Laureate (It’s not terribly mean-spirited this time, but then, he’s a Republican):

Is Real Journalism already dead?
That’s what some experts have said.
Of truth the media is bereft
They are in the tank with the Left
And with Hillary they are clearly in bed.

Winchell Walters says
Is Real Journalism already dead?
Deception and smears are their daily bread.

Trading in sex, lies and videotape
While the Constitution they try to rape.

Since they were told to bring down The Trumpster;
Their credibility’s in the dumpster.

Their hit pieces never stick to the wall,
Their “whistleblower” is a D-RAT pol.

The Mueller flop didn’t faze them a bit:
Now they hide Biden’s Ukrainian tit.

This Cavalcade of Clowns follows orders
When they try to keep open our borders.

Globalist socialism is their game;
But “Don’t Tread on Me” they will never tame.


Perturbed in Park Hills says
Is Journalism already dead?
Replaced by activism instead.

Their code of ethics, went out the window.
Reporting truth? That’s all in limbo.

“Hate America” – the script they read,
Pleading their case with poisonous screed,

Their heroes are seditious traitors;
They’re selling us out to dictators.

Riots are “mostly peaceful protests”
Because all those bruthahs are “oppressed.”

“Street theater” describes Antifa thugs;
If you believe that crap, you’re on drugs.

“Black Lives Matter” is about “justice!”
“We’re telling you the truth, just trust us!”

Abortion is “reproductive health”;
Instead of infanticide by stealth.

There’s one consolation for Trumpsters:
This fifth column will end in dumpsters.

The revolution will eat its own;
“Journalists” will be gristle and bone.

The first line of next week’s Limerick Contest:
“The Renaming Of Old Reading Road”image003

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The final debate between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton opens up a wormhole to another universe that sucks “Weird Al” Yankovic through it to moderate in the key of Bb minor.

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