Special “Politics At The Polls” E-dition

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TUESDAY, MAY 02, 2023

Déjà vu All Over Again

For the past two years Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane has voted early by mail, but this year, our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher was glad he’d decided to save the First-class Forever postage so he could check out all those problems Lying Leftists were reporting voters were having at the polling places in Queen City Blue Hamilton County.

Two years ago, Kane said they should’ve moved his polling place from the church basement to the neighborhood nursing home. It would smell the same and the people who work at the polls wouldn’t have so far to go.

Usually, Republican poll workers gave out stickers to Republican voters that said “I VOTED” and Disingenuous D-RAT poll workers handed out stickers to the D-RAT voters that said, “I VOTED TWICE.” But on this first Tuesday in May, Precinct G in Anderson wouldn’t run out of “I Voted” stickers. Last November, Precinct H didn’t even get any, to begin with. They must have been expecting a really low turnout. Or maybe Ex-Hamilton County Party Boss Alex T., Mall Cop GOP was still in charge of the planning.

This year they had a new electronic voter sign-in system that might take a little getting used to, but Kane remembered the last time he voted in person when he wondered if each of those poll workers got the same amount of money on Election Day, because shouldn’t the geezer who took 15 minutes not to find your name in the book get more than the smelly old lady whose only job seemed to be to sit next him hollering, “Could you spell your name louder?”

Last year for Real Republicans in Anderson, voting had become more difficult after the Legislature in Columbus changed the district and moved the City of Cincinnati’s Stupidity And Corruption all the way to the Clermont County Border.

The only race of any consequence for everybody in Anderson Township on Tuesday was the Dumbed-Down Voters Race For a Really Large School Tax Hike.

But this year at our precinct, The Board of Elections had a guy blowing up balloons for all the kids Dumbed-Down Mom and Dads were bringing with them to the polls to vote for the Dumbed-Down School Tax Hike.”

You’ll know how that race turns out tomorrow when you see which headline The Blower chooses for tomorrow’s Official “Dumbed-Down Voters School Tax Results” E-dition: “GOP Wins” or “Fraud at the Polls.”


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