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Special “Bluegrass Primary” E-dition

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TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2023

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The Blower says regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s primary elections in Kentucky, Hurley the Historian predicts consequences for the local GOP will be profound because no matter what happens, the struggle for the soul of the local Republican Party will continue, hastening the day when “pink” Northern Kentucky turns “blue” and a tremendously disgusted conservative base doesn’t turn out to vote in November or supports a RINO, winding up with someone as bad as illegitimate resident Joke Biden* to carry the Great Commonwealth, God forbid. Maybe it’s time that the RINOs read the writing on the wall and got out of the way of the die-hard conservatives who actually give a big rat’s ass about their Party: belief in Goldwater principles; think Reagan was more than just a name, he was a movement, Morons; or believe Trump wasn’t cheated in the 2020 Election, and have actually read a page or two of Victor Davis Hanson in The Blower’s Conservative Agenda E-ditions. So if your RINO asses haven’t figured it out yet, you’re costing us not only the party, you’re costing us this glorious nation!

…What If We Predicted The Winners Before The Polls Open On Tuesday
The Blower has done exhaustive polling, tracking the mood of likely voters across the Commonwealth.

Monday, The Blower revealed the winners even before the polls opened. It was scientific. It was precise. And it was guaranteed accurate.

Screw the pundits. Forget exit polls. Persons of consequence on our special “Whistleblower Insiders List” already saw Tuesday’s winners exclusively in a special Monday edition of The Blower.

Character Still Don’t Mean Crap
Pundits are perplexed: How can dumbed-down voters say “character” matters when so many politicians who claimed term limits were a great idea when they were first elected, still plan to keep voting themselves pay raises and perks until the day they die?

Analysts are amazed: How can anybody believe “leadership” is vital when so many overpaid incumbents are running unopposed?

Critics are confused: How can We the Over-Taxed Payers vote for feel-good tax levies without knowing how much they’ll actually cost, especially after some Deranged Property Valuation Administrator keeps jacking up your property values? Remember when “Beanball Jim” Bunning called Bill Clinton the most corrupt, amoral, and despicable president he’d ever seen? We can only wonder what the old Beanballer would have to say about some of the other sleazebags we see running for office these days.

With our help, this year’s campaigns seem a lot nastier than ever, last-minute mudslinging and dirty tricks are the order of the day, every candidate claims he has a poll that says he’s way ahead, and some Liberal D-RATS won’t even admit which political party they’re representing, a record amount of money is being spent to get these bozos elected, and nobody’s quite sure where all this fat kat kash is coming from, but there doesn’t seem to be a record number of complaints at the Elections Commission. Still, the Ghost of Richard Nixon says all of these people are giving politics a bad name.

Historically, Kneepad Liberals in the Press always allow Liberals to play the race card against Conservatives and publish last-minute hit pieces in cahoots with campaigns they’re in league with a few days before an election and lavish free undeserved publicity on candidates they support. The press and our so-called business leaders still won’t accept responsibility for the part their politically correct pandering has played in causing our moral abyss. This nation now has the kind of government it truly deserves for the same reason The Blower said the former Pants-dropper-in-Chief was first elected, in our Nov. 4, 1992, edition.

We asked: “How else could you explain how average Americans, 95% of whom learn everything they know about politics by watching lying TV campaign ads and daily distortions on local and national television newscasts presented by the liberal media, 89% of whom voted for Hillary’s husband, would prefer to send to the White House, a shameless, tax-evading, draft-dodging, dope-smoking, pants-dropping, wife-cheating liar who will surely drag the nation down to the level of Arkansas?”

Then we answered: “Except that all those shameless tax-evaders, draft-dodgers, dope-smokers, pants-dropping wife-cheaters, and liars want people in office just like themselves.”

And you must admit: Slick is still keeping his end of the bargain, and Dishonest D-RATS and their willing accomplices in the liberal press are still doing their best to keep his legacy alive.

Ever since the elections in 2000, it’s been non-stop lying for Disingenuous D-RATS and their willing accomplices in the news media. That year they were predicting not a single Republican anywhere would be elected in November, and with D-RATS still in control of Congress, there was still time for some last-minute investigations and their long-hoped-for impeachment of George W. Bush before he left office.

Was it any wonder that during that election cycle, the Whistleblower Truth Squad was busier than ever exposing all of those candidates’ false claims and outright lies that members of the mainstream news media were too lazy, too stupid, or too dishonest to report? Why else have these JINOs (Journalists in Name Only) been aiding and abetting the Liberal Agenda? For the most part, we’ve successfully ignored the claptrap coming from all those bloggers in their basements trying to convince each other they have something important to say.

And with the endless media hype we’ve been hearing for weeks about the importance of Today’s Disingenuous D-RAT Primary in Kentucky, is it any wonder if there are still people out there wondering when the Republican primary is?

Finally, we’re glad Real Republicans joined D-RATS asking the Kentucky Secretary of State to supervise elections in Kenton, Campbell, and Boone Counties and take Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron up on efforts to encourage voters to report suspected election law violations during the 2022 primary election. Kentucky voters are encouraged to call a 24-hour hotline at 1-800-328-VOTE (8683) if they notice suspected election law violations.

And how when Crooked Hillary showed up with her tin cup to beg at Nathan “Cornbread” Smith’s house in Fort Mitchell?

Our Bluegrass D-RAT Party vice-chairman could no longer claim to be an “uncommitted superdelegate” the next morning.

According to Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane, everybody at Miss Vicki’s annual Halloween party heard which candidate “Cornbread” was supporting last October.

Here’s a clue— check to see Cornbread’s mailbox

and whether that Obama lawn jockey is still on Cornbread’s front steps.

image003Hillary’s and Obama’s Love Child

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