Special “Don’t Call It The Fourth Of July” E-dition


“Fourth of July” vs “Independence Day” 

According to the Angry Patriot, Conservative Former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West joined The Blower and took issue with all those who call Independence Day “the Fourth of July.” “I’ve been amazed at how people greet you with ‘Happy 4th of July’, as if we are celebrating a numbered date on the calendar,” West wrote. “If this continues, there will be generations who will no longer know what happened on this day, other than we should have cookouts and shoot off fireworks.”

West explained that we have been “damaged by the talons of political correctness.” He feared this damage was to such a point that the redefinition of the day that marked the very founding of our nation exists in danger of being redefined into oblivion.

Independence Day, which we celebrate on the fourth day of July, even though the actual signing of the Declaration of independence took place on July second, is the most important day in the history of the United States. It is the day our Framers broke from a tyrannical monarchy to establish a country based on freedom, liberty, and equal opportunity for all.

As Bruce Martin points out in his blog article, “On Independence Day, Fourth of July, Fireworks Day, Whatever We Call It,” there are many important rhetorical differences between the two, and our common choice speaks volumes to what we do and do not really value

4th of July conjures up images of BBQs, family get-togethers, maybe a day off from work if you are lucky, fireworks, parades, powerful classical musical (though historically misappropriated), Christmas in July sales, and a kind of high-mark of the summer in general.

None of this is bad in and of itself. But this in no way actually celebrates or reflects on the ideals of how the United States was formed. Although Christmas, for example, is not without similar issues created in part by hyper-consumerism, there is still an emphasis among those who celebrate it in Churches to reflect on the founding of Christianity.

By not saying “Happy Independence Day” all the time, we consciously and unconsciously (further) avoid all of the on-going (and increasingly of late) contradictions between the United States’ long history and its ideals and its still current trajectory and ideals. For a nation so ready to scream,  “FREEDOM OF RELIGION” and “ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL” and to proclaim “THE AMERICAN DREAM AWAITS,” we sure do have a ridiculous time actually coming anywhere close to actually meaning this – we should be ashamed and embarrassed as a nation.

The Fourth of July is America’s only holiday, federal or not, that is called by its actual date. Every other holiday is referred to and called by its true and proper name, or that which is actually being celebrated. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, you name it – and you know exactly what you’re commemorating.

All those Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Stuff Grabbing, Low-Information Obama Supporters Who Put The Positively Worst President in History In The White House—Twice, and Failed Trying To Give Obama a Third Term By Voting For Hillary, and get all of their “fake news” from our Obama Supporters in the Press, like the ones at The Fishwrap and on Channel 5, 9, 12, and 19, will need to have the reason they should say “Independence Day” instead of “Fourth of July” several times, and they still probably won’t get it.

The Blower remembers when Obama visited Indonesia, the Least Patriotic President In American History used a series of appearances to attack Love of Country and the policies of President Donald Trump, warning Americans about “too much patriotism,” — on Independence Day weekend no less!

This Year, unfortunately, The Trumpster Won’t Be Making Independence Day Great Again.

Almost as patriotic, Revered Former Ohio Congressman Bob McEwen remembers when he spoke to young patriots at the Forge Leadership Summit in Columbus, where students were taught timeless principles, public policy, and practical skills while participating in a full simulation of the legislative process.

McEwen’s Speech Might’ve Sounded Something Like This:

 Now For Something Completely Patriotic: