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Tonight We’re Remembering “TEA Party Day Plan” As Originally Reported In The Blower’s December 13, 2016 E-dition

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image004image008The History Channel says later this week in in 1773, a group of Massachusetts colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded three British tea ships moored in Boston Harbor and dump 342 chests of tea into the water. Now known as the “Boston Tea Party,” the midnight raid was a protest of the Tea Act of 1773, a bill enacted by the British parliament to save the faltering British East India Company by greatly lowering its tea tax and granting it a virtual monopoly on the American tea trade. —Hurley the Historian

image008That’s why we chose Bill O’Reilly’s “The TEA Party is simply a loose description of local activism driven by Americans who want smaller government and more self-reliance. That sounds like what the Founding Fathers had in mind, does it not?” —Your Quote for Today Committee

image020image008Will we win your “Liberals Tell the Stupidest Lies” Award for spending all day comparing the historic Boston TEA Party to all those Racial Rioters and Looters all over what’s left of Obama’s America chanting “What do we want? Dead cops!” — Activists in the Classrooms and Left-Wing Apologists in the Liberal Propaganda Media Conspiracy Promoting the Liberal Agenda

image006image008Is The Blower the ONLY member of the propaganda media to capitalize all the letters in TEA Party? Maybe it’s because those guys used “TEA Party” ever since they helped publicize that first big “Taxed Enough Already” Rally on Fountain Square, back in 1990s.  —Ohio TEA Party Guy Tom Zawistowski 

image008Do you think the propaganda media would capitalize “TEA Party,” if we remembered to do it? — Cincinnati Tea Party, Anderson Tea Party, Clermont Tea Party, Cincinnati East Tea Party, West Chester Tea Party, and the SouthWest Cincinnati Tea Party, wherever the hell that is

image021image008And we’ll still be calling them “Teabaggers” because it’s a vulgar slang term, if you know what we mean. —Liberals on TV 

image008We get the part about capitalizing all the letters in “TEA Party,” but do you think it was a mistake allowing ourselves to become assimilated into the Republican Party? —Anderson TEA Party

image008Provisions of Boehner’s $1.1 Trillion “cromnibus bill” that relaxed campaign finance rules six years ago were designed to “basically eliminate the TEA Party as a viable threat,” and help corporate America defeat the TEA Party. —Rush Limbaugh  

image008People shouldn’t ask us why we rubber stamped Boehner’s bill. —So-called Conservative Republican Congressmen Steve Chabothead and “Bronze Star” Brad Wenstrup

image008Did Clermont County TEA party leader Ted Stevenot really say he was going to challenge Ohio RINO Governor Kasich-Taylor in the Republican gubernatorial primary six years ago? —Cleveland Pain Dealer

image008Please don’t ask why we forgot to tell all our members tomorrow will be a very special day in our history. —Local TEA Party Organizations

image008image008What happened yesterday?  Obama’s Organizing for America wasn’t even trying to sell us another crappy Christmas tree ornament or ask for a donation. —Obsessive Obama Supporters like Tom and Rose

image008In last week’s column titled “Something Special,” we learned as annoying as all those so-called Christmas Specials on TV might be, the regular programming is even worse.  —Your Friends in Patronage County

image008How happy will everybody be at my Christmas Party at Jack casino when I celebrate my return to politics? —Mean Jean Schmidt

image010image008We’re all planning to be there, so that party will really rock. —CFK’s Conservative Crew

image008Our Litigious Lawyers didn’t glom onto enough cash from the Failed Cincinnati Public Schools and the City of Cincinnati, the few people who did show up had to pay for their own food and drinks at last night’s Chintzy Christmas Party. Citizens Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST)

image008Did anybody think if I showed up I’d be the only person of color there —Ex-NAALCP President SMLP Smithermouth

image012image008Sometimes those Amazing Amish Christmas Lights are hard to see because the Amish don’t use electricity. —Adams County Historian Scott Seaman

image014image008Hey, everybody: a new shipment of Chabotheads has just arrived. —K-Mart

image008Although our campaign is not associated with the Failed United Way, your liberal guilt giving throughout the year still makes it all possible. —The Seediest Kids of All

image008We think we deserve more credit. —United Appall People

image008Please tell the yoofs there be only 11 mo’ shopliftin’ days till Kwanzaa! —Kwanzaa Klaus

image008With so few Jews and Colored People in Northern Kentucky, it will be hard trying to decide which minor holiday to ignore in December. —Ken Camboo

image008Nothing says “Christmas” more than a picture of Our Beloved Publisher Charles Foster Kane and a bunch of topless bimbos wearing Santa hats (in the middle of an old “Politically Incorrect Christmas E-dition). —Horny in Hebron

image015image008Many people were asking if Dinosaurs would be included when we built Noah’s Ark.—Answers in Genesis

image008All over Northern Kentucky, folks are getting ready to party hearty on the Winter Solstice next Thursday. —Dave the Druid

image008Remember when Mae West said, “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away?” —Your Good Friend Bobby Leach

image017image008Wouldn’t it be funny if FaceBook pictures from my World Orgasms for Peace Party got mixed up with the photos from my Family Christmas Newsletter? —Miss Vicki

image008A man walked into Victoria’s Secret to purchase his wife a sheer negligee for Miss Vicki’s party. He was shown several possibilities that range from $250 to $500 in price — the more sheer, the higher the price. Naturally, he opted for the sheerest item, paid the $500, and took it home. He gave it to his wife and asked her to model it for him. Upstairs the wife thinks (I’m no dummy), ‘I have an idea. It’s so sheer that it might as well be nothing. I won’t put it on, but I’ll do the modeling naked, return it tomorrow, and keep the $500 refund for myself.’  She appeared naked on the balcony and struck a pose. The husband said, ‘Good Grief! You’d think for $500, they’d at least iron it to get the wrinkles out!’  Poor guy. He never heard the shot. The funeral is on Thursday at Noon. Closed coffin. —A Guy Named Steve 

image019image008Wouldn’t it be funny if pictures from that World Orgasms for Peace Party got mixed up with the photos from an old This Week In Kenton Circuit Court? —Your Good Friend Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney E Rob Sanders

image008We’re combining our holiday get-together with  our Good Friend Kenton Commonwealth Attorney E Rob Sanders’ 247th Annual Annual Christmas Party, since so many of our members have been invited there too. That Cabal of NoKY Attorneys Still Out to Destroy Eric “Call Me Crazy, Big Mouth, Most Sanctioned, Ambulance Chaser, No Count of a Radio Host, Shameless Self Promoter, Willie Wannabe, Why Haven’t I Been Disbarred, Who Likes Bulldogs and Failed Roadhouse Operator” Deters (including the Lisa Wells WLW Fan Club)

image008The best part about our Winter Solstice Celebration at the station is when we grab Trish “The Dish’s” legs and Trish says, “Make a wish.”  —TV 19 Photographers

image008TV5’s Sheree Paolello liked it every time we said “orgasms” on the air. —Jack Atherton, (No longer at Channel 22.45 in Dayton in case you’re still having trouble finding me)

image025Remember: We never print all the bad stuff we know and certain people ought to be damn glad we don’t, especially Ohio’s Delusional Republican Governor John Kasich, the Rebel Electoral College Group’s Compromise Candidate To Block Trump in the 2016 Electoral College vote. (MORE)image021


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          This publication is a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead without satirical intent is purely coincidental — especially Dave the Druid.


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