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Special “Obama Final Crappy Jobs Report” E-dition

Obama’s Bogus Unemployment Rate Ended At 4.8% (Whatever The Hell That Means)
Whistleblower Business Editor Merrill Forbes wonders if anybody saw Obama’s final lousy jobs report TODAY. Obama’s January jobs report released Friday marked the end of Obama’s presidency and an economic legacy tarnished by the steady decline of the nation’s manufacturing base.

“The January numbers have closed the book on Obama’s manufacturing jobs record, since those numbers were all recorded before Trump’s Inauguration.”

Obama fell well short of his 2012 campaign promise to create 1 million manufacturing jobs during his second term. The actual figure was about a third of that goal, 362,000.

Overall for January, the economy added a better-than-expected 227,000 jobs, with the unemployment rate rising a tick to 4.8 percent as more people entered the labor force. President Trump, meeting with his Economic Advisory Council, hailed the report.“Great spirit in the country right now. So we’re very happy about that,” he said. “I think that it’s going to continue big league. We’re bringing back jobs. We’re bringing down your taxes. We’re getting rid of your regulations. And I think it’s gonna be some very good times ahead.”

But Trump had made abundantly clear during his campaign that he didn’t like the way government agencies and mainstream economists summarized the state of the job market.

So if the White House wants to choose a different way to present the job numbers on the first Friday of every month, The Blower will be glad to see it on March 3. That’s when it’ll be all on him.