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Special “Same Time Last Year” E-dition


FEB 9 KASICH'S BFD WINThink of how much things have changed in Ohio Politics since February 7, 2016. In our “Kasich’s BFD Win” E-dition, Noted New Hampshire Political Reporter Manchester image005Tadwell Said Early Voters Had Given Our Delusional Ohio Republican Governor A Huge Lead, But So Far Donald Trump Had Not Yet Called To Concede.


That was because CNN was reporting Kasich had gotten an early boost when he won the vote in Dixville Notch, the New Hampshire hamlet that is traditionally home to the first vote in the first-in-the-nation primary. Kasich had edged out Donald Trump 3-2, and Bernie Sanders shut out Hillary 4-0. Those were the only nine votes cast.

Instantly afterwards however, at precisely 12:08 AM, The Blower received this e-mail from Kasich Campaign:image009

Voting at Midnight, Dixville Notch’s Nine Voters Send a Big Message

image010Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s march to the White House began tonight in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire when the first voters in the nation’s first primary chose him to be the Republican candidate for President.

Kasich worked hard for the Dixville Notch vote and was one of the few candidates to make the long trek to New Hampshire’s North Country to campaign.  He later called each of Dixville Notch’s voters to personally ask them for their support.

“It is an honor to earn the support of people who celebrate democracy as faithfully and famously as the voters in Dixville Notch.  New Hampshire rewards hard work and a positive campaign and that defines what our team has done here. We’re going to work hard until all the polls close to continue our success throughout New Hampshire and then take the campaign to South Carolina and beyond,” said Kasich.

image041Amazingly, Kasich’s BFD Win was not the Really Big Story on the front page of The Fishwrap, that morning.

Do you think any of this Bullcrap will be in that new book Kasich claims he’s written, that you’ll be hearing about every five minutes between now and April when Kasich’s 2020 Presidential Campaign book will actually be released?