Another “Those Were The Good Old Days” E-dition



Trump’s 509th Day In Office


image004Edition #55 (published on June 18, 1991) of the original printed edition of The Whistleblower (not the Newswire) was delivered to Persons of Consequence all over town. It was our Annual Gay-Bashing Issue, and our Really Big Story was all about “Sickness in the Health Department,” after Cincinnati City Councilman Jim Cissell was accused of not being “politically correct” by a gang of outraged homosexuals who had gathered outside the Board of Health with signs that said “That Cissell, He Sucks!” Our Top Ten List listed the Top Ten Pickup Lines overheard at the previous Saturday’s Gay Pride Rally on Fountain Square.  And in “Dirty Ditties,”  the Politically Correct Police were investigating charges that a song book published  by Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity contained “sexist” and “anti-gay” messages, according to a story in the UC News Record.    image006

 Page Two with Real Editorials by Publisher Charles Foster Kane about “The Whistleblower Newsroom Challenge” for other newsrooms in the area. Real Facts reported how the newly named head of the Hamilton County Demo-Labor Party Tom Luken was telling the hags and fags to pack their bags.  Plus there was an item about some of the offensive material being passed out indiscriminately to young people on the streets of Cininnati by REACH program workers, along with Jerry Springer’s testimonial for Beano.

image008 Page Three featured Cheap Shots at disbarred attorney Dickie Weiland, Teachers Union President Tom Mooney, and Ohio House Speaker Vern Riffe; an ad promoting Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane’s visit to a local radio program;  along with another Real Guest Editorial by Bunky Tadwell (this one about those over-sex members of the Kennedy family in public office) and an ad for a gay-bashing rally on Fountain Square sponsored by the .

image010 Page Four was for our regular weekly Real Letters From Real Readers column, Another Exclusive Whistleblower Report told about reasons to invite yor friends to visit Cincinnati this summer, and an ad for Homorama.

 Page Five featured Ken Camboo’s Bluegrass Holler reporting on Kentucky House Speaker Don Blanford, the investigation into police brutality in Northern Kentucky, and a proposed payroll tax for the residents of Villa Hills. Northern Kentucky Bureau Chief J.R. Hatfield told about the fight with Cincinnati over the name of the airport. Names in the news included Kenton County Judge Executive Clyde Middleton and State Rep “Gex Rhymes With Sex” Williams.  There was also an advertisement for Gayhaven in Fort Thomas, Northern Kentucky’s Finest Homosexual Retirement Home.image014

 And Page Six included Hotline Hang-ups (some of the anonymous calls received on the Whistleblower Hotline, and in Real Gossip by Linda Libel, we heard about some “paternity issues” at the Cincinnati Zoo, along with an ad for Camp Crossdresser  for boys and girls ages 5-13.

It’s really hard to believe how good The Whistleblower was in those days.
You can download that entire edition HERE.image003image007