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Another “Anderson Apocalypse Update” E-dition

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Angry Andersonians are beginning to wonder if Jim Frooman is ethically challenged. Probably just because our Forest School Board President thinks it’s a good idea to buy property from a BFF and move the school bus facility as soon as possible. Will he and his clueless school board buddies ever get their heads out of each other’s asses?

Little Jimbo and company are out of money, having managed the district into deficit spending and looming insolvency. They blew the bond money that was supposed to take care of it. How will he pay for the property (and improvements)? Is he thinking of inventive ways to raise cash? Maybe a debt deal out of reach of voter approval? No matter how much more foolish he gets, only higher taxes bring the funds to pay for it.

He may also forget to mention that buying the private property takes it off the tax rolls. The remaining over-taxed payers will be paying the difference. It’s a Double Whammy for them. While the Board President’s BFF gets a pile of cash and relief from a tax bill.

Voters aren’t going to stand for those higher taxes, or the personal favors, Little Jimbo (thanks for the Trumpism, Mr. President).

The Anderson Apocalypse is coming faster than lava in Hawaii and looks just as devastating.

Any way we could convince you to take a hike before you blow any more cash, Little Jimbo? Please take Frooman’s Followers (Smith and Heis) with you.

Frooman’s Forecasters are not seeing much hope. Expect more bad decisions. Expect protests to be ignored. Expect defections of good people who have kept things going in spite of their leaders. The only way to survive an apocalypse is to get out of its way.

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